Once you have completed a training course you will be better equipped.

You will have confidence in your planning and contingency.

You will Identify if there are potential gaps in policy and procedure.

You will have improved awareness of current local and global, threats, risks and hazards.

You will be more empowered to go anywhere in the world safely.

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Hostile Environment Awareness Training

ATR also provide specialist and dedicated Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) courses, which incorporates realistic scenario-based training exercises. We also incorporate valuable first aid training and principles of situational awareness to give delegates the broadest and most comprehensive preparation for overseas work or deployment. HEAT training is designed to prepare delegates to travel and work safely abroad, in potentially dangerous or high-risk areas.

Travel Awareness Training

ATR offer travel safety training courses, which are designed for anyone from Gap Year students and business travellers through to Close Protection Operatives on international deployment. Travel awareness courses from ATR are structured to give participants a thorough, expansive indication of the dangers that exist while overseas. Courses involve realistic scenarios mimicking hostile situations, and ATR are prepared to tailor these travel safety courses to suit client requirements, risks and destinations.

Trauma First Aid Training

ATR are regulated first aid training providers, who offer anything from standard courses like First Aid at Work to bespoke, tailored Road Traffic Accident-specific training. All of them involve a mixture of classroom-based learning and scenario-based training. This is to give delegates a practical, hands-on experience and prepare them for emergency situations.



CONDO Training

ATR offer CONDO (Contractors on Deployed Operations) courses which are compliant with both DEFSTAN 05-129 and DEFCON 697. This states that all CONDO security training incorporates different deployment environments, with training specifically tailored to suit different risks, tasks or geographical areas. We offer these as 3-day courses or 2-day courses dependant on client requirements.

Lone Worker Training

Lone working can pose significant risks that many who currently work in the UK and abroad, aren’t aware of. Adequate training should be given to these workers in the interests of safety, protection and security. ATR can run bespoke lone worker safety training courses which will earn delegates authorised certificates, which show an ongoing commitment to current legislation. The courses can be structured to focus on particular areas, from lone worker training in and outside the workplace to risk assessments, conflict management and driver awareness.

Close Quarter Protection Training (Self-Defence)

Our Close Quarter Protection (CQP) training aims to give delegates a proactive, instinctive and in-depth understanding of self-defence. By utilising vital defence skills alongside vital personal security and situational awareness techniques, we aim to give participants an improved, heightened sense of what to do when faced with conflict or hostile environments. Close Quarter Protection courses can be tailored to meet different client requirements.

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