What is a Trauma Injury?

A trauma injury refers to sudden physical injuries that require immediate first aid or medical attention. An example could be something like broken bones after a road traffic collision, or perhaps someone has suffered a head injury and is bleeding extensively.

Trauma incidents may cause systematic shock called ‘shock trauma’. They may require individuals to intervene and provide immediate cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to help save a life.

Traumatic injuries can be caused in a variety of situations, ranging from Road Traffic Accidents to suffering a fall in the home. These types of injuries are often treated in Accident & Emergency wards in hospitals. Major trauma has the potential to be severe, causing disability or even death.

Individuals may find themselves at the heart of an incident where there are numerous casualties, who have suffered traumatic injuries. This could be anything from a traffic accident to a terrorist attack.

The question is, would you know what to do?

First Aid and Trauma Training

Trauma first aid training incorporates the skills, expertise and knowledge of individuals with first-hand medical experience, and applying it into realistic, scenario-based training modules.

This course teaches delegates the skills required of a "Zero Responder". Essentially, someone who is expected to act and deal with potentially large numbers of casualties, prior to the arrival of First Responders. "Zero responders", typically speaking are members of the general public or staff members, are crucial to saving lives prior to the arrival of the Emergency Services.

Individuals who suffer catastrophic trauma wounds can survive with the help of someone who has undergone extensive first aid training. The casualty’s likelihood of survival and long-term effects depend significantly on the emergency first aid actions that individuals take in the minutes immediately following the injury.

First aid trauma training is recommended for anyone working in a public venue or setting, where mass casualty incidents may occur. These include music venues, stadiums, festivals, hotels, sports grounds, shopping centres and more.


Delegates that possess the abilities, knowledge and skill set of how to handle and treat trauma injuries, are perhaps just as crucial to the casualty’s survival as a trauma hospital or air ambulance.

Much like how our First Person on Scene training course delves into trauma-related injuries, ATR can offer a more in-depth, structured training course. Dedicated bespoke training that’s related explicitly to treating trauma injuries using fundamental and transferable first aid skills will give you the confidence to deliver urgent care when casualties need it the most.

Our trauma first aid course involves hands-on scenario-based training and will involve multiple areas of focus. Using realistic scenarios to simulate a trauma situation, we will train you on taking control of small and large-scale situations that mirror a real-life scenario.

Your training revolves around what you need to do to take command before the Emergency Services arrive.

Scenarios will involve anything from multiple-vehicle setups, street scenes or various rooms inside. The scenarios are there to help paint a picture of what can happen, and how you react to specific unexpected events, that can result in mass casualties.

Deal with trauma, without the drama

Traumatic injuries are some of the most stressful to deal with, but they're also the type you need to react quickly and decisively to. Learn how to manage and deal with a wide variety of medical emergencies and accidents that can occur when you least expect it.

Trauma First Aid Training Course

ATR’s trauma first aid training course will consist of:

  • What immediate actions to take
  • Emotional response
  • Use and understanding of a catastrophic haemorrhage kit
  • Dealing with catastrophic haemorrhages
  • Scene and risk assessment
  • Primary and secondary surveys
  • Ensuring collective safety
  • Informing the Emergency Services

Some of ATR’s other first aid training solutions include:

We can also offer First Person on Scene (FPOS) and First Response Emergency Care (FREC) please contact us to discuss your training needs.

ATR are not just specialist training and service providers, but for organisations that require authorised first aid equipment, we have products available via our shop.