First-Aid Training Courses

What is first aid training?

First aid is the immediate and initial assistance or care provided to a person who has suddenly been injured or taken ill. The primary goal of first aid is to prevent the condition from worsening, and promote recovery, and involves a set of simple yet crucial techniques that can be administered by individuals with basic training. 

Our comprehensive training courses go beyond the basics, providing hands-on instruction that equips participants with the knowledge and confidence to respond effectively in emergency situations. Our expert instructors guide you through practical scenarios, exploring not just the "how" but also the "why" of first aid. From understanding the importance of immediate intervention to mastering crucial techniques, our first aid training courses cover it all. 

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ATR First Aid Course Details

What is covered in basic First Aid Training? 

Basic first aid might cover the following, with more specific training for specialised courses - 

  • Adult resuscitation (CPR)* 
  • Burns and scalds 
  • Choking adult 
  • Communication and casualty care 
  • Defibrillator prompts and how to respond 
  • Defibrillator pad placement 
  • Minor and severe bleeding
  • Role of the first aider (including knowledge of health and safety regulations)
  • Seizures 
  • Shock 
  • Unresponsive adults 

Our First Aid courses are invaluable for a broad spectrum of individuals across different settings. Many workplaces recognise the importance of having trained first aiders on-site to respond swiftly in case of accidents or medical emergencies. From minor injuries to more serious incidents, having trained personnel ensures a quick and effective response. Additionally, teachers and caregivers can greatly benefit from first aid classes. Being prepared with the right knowledge and skills ensures a quick and appropriate response to a child in need. 

Specific environments with heightened challenges also may require more specialised first aid training. Construction and manufacturing industries, as well as outdoor activities, may expose individuals to unique risks, requiring a deeper understanding of potential injuries and the corresponding tailored interventions. In these cases, the ability to administer specialised and timely first aid is essential for the safety and well-being of those involved. 

Ultimately, anyone who wishes to be equipped with the skills to respond effectively in emergencies, regardless of the setting, stands to benefit from First Aid Training. 

Who would benefit from First Aid Training?

Why choose ATR for your First Aid Training? 

Choosing ATR for your First Aid training course ensures a comprehensive and immersive learning experience tailored to your needs. Our on-site training provides participants with simulated accident environments that replicate real-life situations. This immersive learning experience allows individuals to practise their skills in a controlled setting, developing confidence and enhancing crucial first-aid techniques. 

Our courses are taught by highly experienced and qualified professionals who are not only experts in their field but are also skilled educators. They understand that effective first aid training goes beyond just conveying information; it involves creating an engaging and dynamic learning environment, ensuring that participants grasp the concepts and skills in ways that work best for them. 

Our First Aid courses can be seamlessly attached to other more specialised courses, creating a comprehensive training package. This integration not only enhances the overall skill set of participants but also ensures that they are well-prepared to handle a wide range of emergencies. 

Customisation Options

Whilst all of our First Aid courses tend to follow a set curriculum, training can still be tailored to your specific organisational needs and operational environments. 

Our facilities offer an ideal environment for classroom learning and practical application. We have built the facilities with simulation areas for testing the skills learned on the courses, designed to look and feel like the places where your new skills will be used. As well as this, classrooms boast different sizes to accommodate various learning needs. 

For participants enrolled in courses extending over one day, we can offer convenient overnight accommodation. Our facility includes individual pods for each person, ensuring privacy and comfort. Each pod is equipped with en suite bathroom facilities, providing a personal space for relaxation after a day of intensive training. Our comfortable social area, complete with a television, serves as a welcoming space for participants to unwind with fellow course members. 

Breakfast and lunch are also provided, offering a buffet-style breakfast in the morning and a well-prepared lunch. For evening meals, participants are free to choose their meals and we're more than happy to recommend excellent local eateries and dining options. We love to facilitate group outings to these recommended places, providing an opportunity for course members to bond and share experiences outside the formal learning environment. 

Our training facility

What other First Aid training courses are available?

We recognise the diverse nature of first aid needs, and as such, we offer a selection of other first aid courses that can be seamlessly incorporated into your training program. This flexibility allows individuals to tailor their training to specific contexts, ensuring relevance and practicality in their day-to-day lives or professional roles. Our courses are certified by Awarding Bodies.

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