Close protection security training

Realistic scenario-based close protection courses

Working in close protection security requires a unique set of skills to be able to protect individuals who face high risk due to their role or status and requires you to be able to assess every situation and implement correct safety procedures. 

Whether you’re looking to start a career in close protection or simply want to refresh your skills, our scenario-based, hands-on training, delivered by ex-special forces, military, and law enforcement personnel can help you be the best you can be. 

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What you need to know about our Close Protection Training

Course: Level 3 Close Protection Training 

Where: Our bespoke training academy is located near Reading, in a secluded woodland area. This allows us to make our scenario-based training more realistic and useful for delegates so they receive a truly immersive learning experience. 

What you’ll cover: Close protection techniques and how to operate safely, discreetly and proactively in high-risk environments. See below for more details.

Bespoke to you: Our Level 3 course is focused on UK and European armed personnel, but can be tailored to suit those without the same level of experience. Further modules are also available. 

Duration: Residential courses are held over 21 days 

Optional add-ons: As part of optional bolt-on training, individuals and teams can take advantage of our highly recommended first aid courses and accommodation taken annually. 

ATR offers Physical Intervention training courses, refresher and top-up courses that comply with risk mitigation requirements. We also offer Level 3 First Aid training necessary for all licensed operatives. All training is adapted to suit different environments, explicitly tailored to a geographical area, climate, risk or task.

Be the best you can be with Close Protection Training

What can you expect from close protection security training? You’ll cover a variety of topics including: 

What can you expect from close protection security training? You’ll cover a variety of topics including: 

  • Understanding your roles and responsibilities 
  • Threat and risk assessment 
  • Reconnaissance
  • Kidnap for ransom response 
  • Discreet protective screening 
  • Surveillance
  • Close Protection Operative technical equipment 
  • Close Quarter Protection (our in-house self-defence course) 

Other benefits include: 

  • Course tailored to your needs 
  • A mixture of theory and practical, real-life scenarios in our on-site simulated environment

Optional add-ons including first aid training.

Security personnel looking to refresh their bodyguard training would benefit from our course, as well as anyone looking to work in the following areas: 

    • Bodyguarding for VIPs and celebrities 
    • Private international assignments 
    • Residential security 
    • Asset promotion for high-end business retailers 
    • Personal protection for individuals of a high net worth 

Who needs close protection training?

Why choose ATR for your Close Protection Training?

Our expert trainers have real-life experience

Our highly experienced and qualified trainers have backgrounds in military and law enforcement, which together, equals decades of training experience. They know how to build a friendly, supportive learning environment allowing everyone to remain engaged. 

On-site training academy with simulated environments 

Our immersive residential training academy combines classroom areas with real-life scenario-based simulated environments that look and feel like where you will be working - a unique immersive experience enabling you to practise the skills you have learned. 

Accommodation and meals provided 

Our close protection courses stretch over a few weeks, so individual ‘pod’ accommodation with ensuite bathrooms is provided, including a comfortable social area with a TV. Breakfast and lunch are also provided. Evening meals are self-served, but we can recommend excellent places to meet in the local area where course members can share a meal where possible. 

Tailored to you with optional bolt-ons 

Our close protection security training can be tailored to specific organisational needs or operational environments. You can also add on any of our first aid courses including Trauma First Aid and Road Traffic Accident First Aid (RTA)

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ATR can also provide close protection services

Need overt or covert bodyguard personnel? We can help by supplying staff, delivering security assessments and providing a security strategy. Talk to us today about your close protection needs. 

Close protection security training FAQs 


Do I need a military or law enforcement background to do close protection training? No, you don’t need military or law enforcement experience to take our close protection training. Those with experience in these roles often choose to move into close protection careers, however, our training is for anyone who wants to pursue a career in close protection security and can demonstrate the required skills. 

What skills do I need to work in a close protection role? 

Security close protection officers need to be physically fit, have situational awareness, and understand effective communication, crisis management, and risk assessment. They also need the ability to remain calm in stressful situations. 

Do I need to refresh my close protection security training? 

Yes, as things are constantly changing in the security industry, it is important to stay up-to-date and maintain peak readiness. We recommend refreshing your close protection training every one to two years.