HEAT Training

Supportive, practical and tailored HEAT training - from the experts

Hostile Environment Awareness Training, or HEAT training for short, is vital for anyone working in high-risk or unpredictable areas where detecting, avoiding and responding to danger is critical. 

This course is delivered by expert staff with first-hand knowledge of navigating hostile situations. Additionally, with different risk levels and an optional add-on of Hostile Environment and First Aid Training, our practical security awareness course can be tailored to your organisational needs and operational environments, so you get exactly what you need from our training.

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Anyone travelling to a high-risk geographical area, such as an area of conflict or civil unrest, places high in crime or poverty, remote areas, or those with a significant risk of natural disaster would benefit from our security awareness training. Roles could include: 

  • Journalists and media personnel
  • Aid workers and humanitarian organisations
  • Diplomats and Embassy staff 
  • Military contractors 
  • Security personnel 
  • NGO staff
  • Corporate employees in high-risk areas 
  • Emergency responders 
  • Government officials
  • Photographers and filmmakers
  • Researchers and academics
  • International travellers

Who would benefit from our HEAT training?

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Why choose ATR for your HEAT Training?

At ATR we are experts in keeping you safe. All our trainers have real-life experience operating in high-risk environments – whether that’s in the UK special forces, military or law enforcement roles. We know the dangers and unpredictability that anyone faces in hostile environments and we also have decades of training experience. This means participants benefit from a positive and welcoming learning environment at our specialised training centre.

Learning about hostile environments doesn’t mean the training has to be. We’re a friendly team that knows how to keep you safe and make you comfortable. Building a positive team-building atmosphere is our core mission. Our specialist residential HEAT training site has comfortable classrooms and realistic simulation areas which are designed to look and feel like the place you’ll be using the skills we teach. 

For safe HEAT training courses longer than one day, participants enjoy comfortable overnight accommodation in individual pods with en-suite bathrooms. There’s also a relaxing social area with a TV. Breakfast and lunch are provided, and there are plenty of options for we’ll be happy to show you around. evening meals –

What can you expect from our HEAT course?

Tailor your HEAT course to suit your needs: 

Different areas have different levels of risk – we can tailor your training to suit your destination and provide low, medium and high-risk HEAT and HEFAT courses. Below is a general guide, but this can be customised to your specific needs. Contact us for more information.

Polygon 1

Low Heat Course

Suitable for:

  • Training based on situational awareness in UK and Europe
  • Teams and individuals wanting to refresh previous training


  • 1 or 2-Day(s) course
Polygon 1

Medium Heat Course

Suitable For:

  • Those heading to higher-risk areas in Europe and around the world where culture and signs of danger are less familiar


  • 3-Day Course
Polygon 1


Suitable For:

  • Anyone heading to hostile environments or areas of conflict.


  • 4 or 5-Day Course

Our HEAT course content

Our HEAT course content 

Here are just some of the things you will learn in our practical Hostile Environment Awareness Training course. To simulate real-life hostile environments and to make sure all learning styles are catered for, our courses feature a combination of classroom and hands-on scenario-based exercises. 

  • Planning and contingency in hostile, unpredictable situations 
  • Self and situational awareness 
  • Self-protection and self-defence 
  • Managing conflict
  • Teamwork in tricky situations 
  • Vehicle safety and security – keeping you safe on the road 
  • Staying safe with hotel checks and security 
  • Checkpoint dos and don’ts 
  • Staying safe during civil disturbance 
  • How to identify surveillance and stay safe 
  • Trauma first aid (optional add on when you choose HEFAT training (link to that section below)

If you or your team have already received some realistic Hostile Environment Awareness Training, we can also provide a shorter course or an online HEAT course to suit your needs. 

Be fully prepared -Add Hostile Environment First Aid Training (HEFAT)


Would you like your team to be prepared for situations in which people may be injured in a hostile environment? Our add-on Hostile Environment First Aid Training (HEFAT) is the perfect bolt-on to our HEAT course and also includes theory and practical exercises, which cover: 

  • Triage and Emergency Response: Training in assessing and prioritising injuries in high-stress situations, focusing on immediate life-saving measures 
  • Trauma Care: Instruction on handling severe injuries such as gunshot wounds, blast injuries, and traumatic amputations common in hostile environments 
  • Basic Life Support: Skills in basic life-saving techniques, including CPR and managing an obstructed airway 
  • Medical Equipment Usage: Practical training in the effective use of first aid kits, tourniquets, and other essential medical equipment in emergency scenarios
  • Evacuation and Transport of the Injured: Techniques for safely evacuating and transporting injured persons in hostile or resource-limited settings
  • Psychological First Aid: Strategies for managing psychological trauma and stress, both forvictims and first responders, in hostile environments
  • Preventative Health Measures: Guidance on preventing common health issues

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Find out everything you need to know about Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) and Hostile Environment First Aid Training (HEFAT). 

Is HEAT training only for international deployments? 

No. HEAT training is useful for both international deployments and domestic situations with security threats or a heightened risk of violence. 

Can your HEAT training be customised? 

Yes, our HEAT and HEFAT courses can be tailored to your needs, whether this is for your specific deployment or operational context. 

What are the physical fitness requirements for this HEAT course? 

There are no specific requirements, but our HEAT course does include some physical activities designed to simulate working in hostile environments. 

Can I do the HEAT course if I don’t have any previous military training or experience? Yes. Our HEAT course is suitable for participants from all different backgrounds and levels of experience, you do not need previous military experience or training. 

Do I need to do HEAT training just once or should it be refreshed regularly? We recommend refreshing your knowledge to keep your skills up to date as the security landscape constantly changes.