Trauma first aid training

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Our trauma first aid course, delivered by experts with real-life experience, will help you deal with trauma injuries that are stressful to handle. Whether it is broken bones after a road traffic collision or a head injury that is bleeding extensively, our experienced team are here to help. This course can be taken alone or as an add-on to HEAT Training – which covers security awareness and risk assessment for operating in hostile or high-risk environments. 

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Whether you’re operating in a high risk environment or as an emergency responder anywhere in the world, there is always a need to react quickly and decisively. Our trauma first aid course gives you and your team the skills to deal with a wide variety of medical emergencies, from traffic accidents to terrorist attacks. Participants benefit from: 

  • Expert staff who are highly experienced in trauma first aid from their backgrounds in military and law enforcement 
  • Trainers with decades of training experience to keep everyone engaged and learning
  • Classroom-based and practical simulation exercises
  •  Specialised residential training site with meals provided

Why choose ATR trauma first aid training?

Who would benefit from our trauma first aid training?

Trauma first aid is a critical skill for anyone who needs to act and deal with potentially large numbers of casualties, such as staff working in a public setting, including music venues, festivals, hotels, shopping centres and more. Our course is also suitable for: 

  • Construction industry working with drilling and large equipment 
  • Free lance Journalists 
  • Business Travellers 
  • Security staff 
  • Outdoor and adventure enthusiasts 

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What to expect from our Trauma First Aid training

During our trauma first aid training, you can expect the following topics to be covered: 

  • What immediate actions to take in the situation 
  • Managing your emotional response 
  • Dealing with catastrophic haemorrhages and how to use a catastrophic haemorrhage kit 
  • Scene and risk assessment 
  • Primary and secondary surveys 
  • Ensuring collective safety
  • Informing the Emergency Services

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