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Close protection

Close protection security

This field requires a unique set of skills to be able to protect individuals who face high risk due to their role or status and requires you to be able to assess every situation and implement correct safety procedures. 

Whether you’re looking to start a career in close protection or simply want to refresh your skills, our scenario-based, hands-on training, delivered by ex-special forces, military, and law enforcement personnel can help you be the best you can be. 

Conflict resolution training

This is vital for anyone working in an industry where conflict can escalate quickly, including those in close protection and security bodyguard roles, personal security guards, or vehicle removal personnel. Conflict can build up slowly or suddenly and our conflict management course gives attendees skills to detect, handle and resolve any type of disturbance. The Security Industry Authority (SIA) insists that all security operatives receive conflict management training. 

Conflict management

First Aid

First Aid Training

First aid is the immediate and initial assistance or care provided to a person who has suddenly been injured or taken ill. The primary goal of first aid is to prevent the condition from worsening, and promote recovery, and involves a set of simple yet crucial techniques that can be administered by individuals with basic training. Our comprehensive training courses go beyond the basics, providing hands-on instruction that equips participants with the knowledge and confidence to respond effectively in emergency situations, our first aid training courses cover it all. 

Door Supervisor

If you're considering a career in security, becoming a door supervisor in the UK is a promising choice. The demand for trained professionals in this field continues to grow, door supervisor training plays a crucial role in ensuring safety and security in various establishments, from bars and clubs to retail stores and events.

At ATR, we offer comprehensive door supervisor training courses that equip you with the skills, knowledge, and certifications needed to excel in this rewarding profession.

Door Supervisor



Refresher SIA courses, also known as SIA license renewal or update training, are training programs designed for individuals in the United Kingdom who already hold a Security Industry Authority (SIA) license and need to renew or update their license. These courses are a mandatory requirement to ensure that security professionals maintain their knowledge, skills, and legal compliance in the rapidly evolving security industry.


With elite training at Advanced Tactical Resources  we shape prepared professionals.