Conflict Management Training

Essential conflict resolutions skills taught by the experts

Conflict resolution training is vital for anyone working in an industry where conflict can escalate quickly, including those in close protection and security bodyguard roles, personal security guards, or vehicle removal personnel. Conflict can build up slowly or suddenly and our conflict management course gives attendees skills to detect, handle and resolve any type of disturbance. The Security Industry Authority (SIA) insists that all security operatives receive conflict management training. 

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What you’ll cover in Conflict Management Training

Our training course in conflict resolution provides you with the essential skills to: 

  • Understand and identify different conflict styles 
  • Assess and reduce the risk of violence 
  • Identify behaviours that could indicate escalation of violence 
  • Take appropriate measures to avoid situations, as well as calm and defuse the conflict
  • Identify post-incident support circumstances and reporting 
  • Control emotions and behaviour 
  • Understand conflict resolution in a variety of practical settings. 

At ATR we are regulated by the SIA to provide conflict resolution training to all delegates who are working as:

  • Close Protection Operatives 
  • Security bodyguards 
  • Personal security guards 
  • Vehicle removal and immobilisation personnel 

Who would benefit from our conflict management training?

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Why choose ATR for your

conflict resolution training?

  • Experienced, qualified trainers - All of our trainers are experienced in conflict resolution in high-stress situations due to their backgrounds in military and law enforcement. 
  • Welcoming, supportive atmosphere – Our core mission is to make sure everyone is engaged and on board, ensuring all attendees feel comfortable and enjoy their training. 
  • Specialist training academy – Learn from practical exercises that simulate real-life conflict situations. Our simulation rooms provide realistic training, whilst observation and control rooms allow real-time feedback for an enhanced learning experience. 
  • Tailored conflict management training – you can customise the course to suit specific organisational needs or operational environments. Talk to us today and we can help. 

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