Road traffic accident first aid training

Make sure you’re ready to respond to emergencies

Knowing what to do in a road traffic accident can be the difference between life and death. Road traffic accident first aid management involves a great deal of proactive, efficient thinking and action.

Our specialist RTA first aid course is suitable for all drivers with or without previous first aid training. This course provides you with the confidence and knowledge to deal with a traffic collision and the skills to administer first aid in a road traffic accident, whether you’re handling one or multiple casualties.

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Who would benefit from RTA first aid training?

Our RTA course is suitable for anyone who may need to provide first aid in a road traffic accident, including personal or professional drivers and first responders. It is suitable for all levels of experience including those without previous first aid training as well as those who have undergone a first aid course such as Emergency First Aid or First Aid at Work. Other people who can benefit from this course include:

  •  Professional drivers
  • Driving instructors
  • Anyone who drives for personal use
  • Security Personnel
  • Lone workers
  • Business travellers
  • Road safety staff
  • Community volunteers

When you choose ATR for your Road Traffic Accident first aid training, you’ll be learning from the experts with hands-on experience of road traffic accidents. Our highly skilled and experienced trainers all have backgrounds in the UK special forces, military or law enforcement. They also have decades of training experience and know how to build a positive team-building experience.

You’ll benefit from:

  • A warm and friendly training experience where everyone is welcomed, included and engaged
  • Course tailored to your needs – option to include it in our HEFAT Training
  • Specialised residential training site with meals provided

Why choose our RTA first aid course?

What you’ll cover in RTA first aid training


  • Assessing the scene for safety
  • Dealing with emergency services
  • CPR techniques specific to road traffic accidents
  • Managing trauma injuries
  • Managing casualties in and near vehicles
  • Evacuation strategies in RTAs
  • How to use specialised first aid equipment
  • Dealing with shock and emotional distress
  • Vehicle-Specific Approaches

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 Add specialist RTA training to your HEAT training for hostile environments

You can tailor our courses to suit you. By adding this road traffic accident first aid training to our Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT), you’ll not only get comprehensive instruction on security awareness and risk assessment but also road traffic accident first aid skills tailored for operating safely and effectively in hostile or high-risk environments.


As well as customisable trauma first aid training, our experienced trainers can also provide: