CONDO Training Courses

What is CONDO training?

In today's dynamic global landscape, the involvement of contractors in deployed operations has become integral to the successful execution of some military projects. However, these contractors face unique challenges in environments that are considered high-risk. This demands specialised training that ensures their expertise can be applied to a project safely. This training can be vital in helping contractors become confident in spotting security risks or threats and understanding the structure of military personnel.

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Why is CONDO training important?

The ‘training currency’, stipulated by the Ministry of Defence states that contractors deployed permanently, or periodically, in a geographical area for a certain period of time must undergo a minimum amount of CONDO training. 

For contractors permanently deployed in an area for over two years – complete CONDO IPDT safety training must be taken before deployment and repeated every two years. A refresher training course must be taken at each 12-month interval period. 

For contractors periodically deployed – complete CONDO IPDT training must be taken prior to deployment, and a refresher course to be taken annually. 

ATR offers CONDO training courses that comply with risk mitigation requirements of Defence Contract Condition (DEFCON) 697 and DEFSTAN 05-129. These state that all CONDO training must be individually adapted to suit different deployment environments, explicitly tailored to a geographical area, climate, risk or task.

  • Security and Safety: Deployed operations often expose contractors to heightened security risks. CONDO training is essential to instil a deep understanding of security protocols, risk mitigation strategies, and emergency response, ensuring the safety of contractors in unpredictable environments. 
  • Cultural Competence: Operating in unfamiliar cultural landscapes demands a nuanced understanding of local customs and sensitivities. CONDO training addresses the importance of understanding these cultures, enabling contractors to navigate social contexts respectfully and create positive relationships with local communities. 
  • Adaptability and Resilience: CONDO training hones contractors' ability to adapt swiftly to changing circumstances and navigate unexpected challenges. This resilience is a cornerstone for success in deployed operations where conditions can evolve rapidly. 
  • Operational Effectiveness: Contractors play a crucial role in the success of various operations, and CONDO training equips them with the skills necessary to contribute effectively. This includes understanding mission objectives, coordinating with military and other personnel, and efficiently executing tasks in diverse operational environments.
  • Legal and Ethical Compliance: CONDO training emphasises the importance of legal and ethical considerations in deployed operations. Contractors are educated on compliance with international laws, rules of engagement, and ethical conduct, ensuring their actions align with the values of the mission and organisation.

How can CONDO Training be beneficial?

Who would benefit from CONDO training?

Contractors deployed in any of the following roles would find CONDO training useful: 

  • Military Contractors 
  • Security Personnel 
  • Support Personnel 
  • Civilian Employees in High-Risk Environments 
  • Emergency Responders
  • Government Contractors

Why choose ATR?

At ATR, we specialise in ensuring your safety. Every instructor in our team possesses firsthand experience navigating high-risk environments, whether it be within the UK special forces, military, or law enforcement sectors. We are well-acquainted with the dangers and uncertainties encountered in hostile environments and have decades of valuable training expertise. This translates to participants enjoying a positive and inviting educational setting at our dedicated training centre. 

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Our training facility

Our specialist residential training site has comfortable classrooms and realistic simulation areas which are designed to look and feel like the place you’ll be using the skills we teach. 

For safe training courses longer than one day, participants enjoy comfortable overnight accommodation in individual pods with en-suite bathrooms. There’s also a relaxing social area with a

TV. Breakfast and lunch are provided, and there are plenty of options for evening meals – we’ll be happy to show you around.

We offer both 3-day and 2-day CONDO courses, and a CONDO refresher course. 

  • 3-Day CONDO training courses are designed for those who are being deployed to high-risk CONDO environments, such as Iraq and Afghanistan. 
  • 2-Day CONDO training courses are tailored for MoD contractors deployed to non-hostile, low-risk security operations. 
  • 1-Day CONDO refresher training is a requirement for all of those who hold CONDO certification (which expires after a year). Refresher training must be completed on an annual basis to renew your certificate. 

The CONDO course curriculum and duration can be adapted to suit your organisation’s operational needs.

CONDO training details

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  • Situational awareness 
  • Personal security awareness 
  • Threat and risk mitigation 
  • Improvised explosive devices (IEDs) 
  • Vehicle security 
  • Working with Close Protection Officers and the use of armoured vehicles 
  • First aid training and CPR 
  • Military rank structures 
  • Ballistic threats and danger areas 
  • Mines and UXOs 
  • Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) awareness 
  • Protective equipment 
  • Travel safety and awareness
  • Security briefings

How do I enrol?

Contact us for a 15-minute consultation by video call to talk over the specifics and any customisation requirements you need for the course.