Lone Worker Solutions

Millions of people across the UK could be classified as lone workers. Lone working roles span across many industries, where employees find themselves working alone for long periods of time without any direct supervision.

Such job roles include:

  • Inspectors
  • Charity collection
  • Kiosk workers
  • Security guards
  • Estate agents

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Employers do you have a legal duty of care to ensure the safety of your employees ?

Lone worker safety is tremendously important; specific job roles carry varying degrees of risk, hazards and threats associated with them. Therefore, it’s vital to identify these risks and dangers, and prevent them from happening to lone workers.

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Lone Worker Policy

Lone workers require clearly-defined policies and procedures to ensure they are protected from operational risks and threats. Employers will need to implement a bespoke lone worker safety policy, that outlines your organisation’s rules on working alone, and help employees thoroughly understand the risks they may face. This safety policy for lone workers should be developed as an extension to a full risk assessment.

By conducting risk assessments, employers can effectively identify the risks and hazards associated with lone worker job roles. This could, in turn, help to reduce accidents suffered by those working alone. By taking extra measures to ensure lone worker protection, it can help improve morale and confidence for lone workers as they work alone.

In line with your lone worker safety policy, one way of monitoring employee safety is by introducing technology solutions for lone worker safety devices, which will help to mitigate risks. These can be discreet and undetectable physical hardware, apps, tools and services which have been specifically designed to protect workers from challenges they may face. They safeguard employees when travelling, working with high-risk machinery or potentially stepping into unknown hostile environments, or meeting unfamiliar people. When in remote locations with low signal areas, these safety devices monitor and protect lone worker employees, providing a quick and easy way of reaching others in an emergency.

Are you taking measures to keep your staff safe?

Ensure your staff are safe and suitably trained for numerous different travel environments and situations. It's important to ensure you meet all your legal obligations as an employer.

Lone Worker Training

If you employ or oversee individuals or teams who are required to work alone without direct supervision, their safety and protection cannot be overlooked. ATR provide a variety of lone worker safety solutions, including tailor-made lone worker training courses.

These training courses are designed to help employers understand the risks posed by lone working so that they can implement safe work procedures and systems. The course would also hugely benefit lone workers themselves, who wish to learn valuable skills, regulations, risk assessments and control measures.

Training courses in lone worker safety will help you:

  • Prevent and avoid accidents caused by poor working practices and techniques
  • Defuse and prevent potentially violent or hostile situations
  • Challenge complacent attitudes
  • Increase wellbeing, productivity and confidence
  • Meet the legal duties of care
  • Avoid financial costs related to lone worker accidents and incidents

ATR are qualified and experienced situational awareness training providers, who specialise in scenario-based training practices for all our courses. We use our expertise in hands-on Close Protection and situation awareness, as well as former Special Forces experience, to help organisations and workers apply practical and proactive safety measures when working. Whether you are looking for a specific health and safety focus, or directed attention on conflict management situations, we can tailor a course specifically to meet your requirements.

ATR are not just specialist training and service providers, but for organisations & individuals that require authorised safety equipment, we have products available via our shop.