Conflict Resolution

Conflict management training forms a vital component of the Security Industry Authority (SIA) licensing requirements. The Private Security Industry within the UK has evolved into a highly-regulated industry over the years, hence why standard practices of ensuring personnel that work within the industry require they hold the relevant training and qualifications. SIA conflict management is no exception.

The requirement for thoroughly-trained and authorised operatives, who are masterful in all types of conflict management skills, cannot be underestimated. As per the rules and requirements of the SIA, ATR are trained in all areas of conflict resolution and provide thorough, detailed and practical conflict management training courses. This forms a vital part of both our standalone conflict management course, as well as our extensive Close Protection training.


Conflict Management in Security

Conflicts can occur at any moment, either as a spur of the moment situation, or after a build-up of smaller events that take place. The ability to detect, handle and resolve any type of conflict is vital for maintaining security and protection of environments. Disputes can happen anywhere, from a small workplace to a densely-populated area where innocent bystanders may be at risk.

Utilising techniques and skills acquired in conflict management courses, you can ensure that any dispute is handled with the utmost safety and professionalism. The training that delegates can expect during conflict management training is based on the principle that security operatives can turn dispute situations into valuable learning opportunities.

Conflict Management Techniques

ATR’s course of conflict management and resolution will generally cover:

  • Understanding conflict management styles and principles
  • Assessing and reducing the risk of violence
  • Identify behaviours that indicate a potential escalation of violence
  • Taking appropriate measures to avoid situations, as well as calm and defuse the conflict
  • Identify post-incident support circumstances and reporting
  • Controlling emotions and behaviour
  • Demonstrating knowledge and understanding of conflict resolution in a variety of practical settings

More organisations and businesses are recognising the importance of detailed, proper conflict management training and skills. Conflicts that arise within business and entertainment facilities can have drastic implications. Inappropriate handling of situations can lead to loss of business, damage to brand name and image, lowering of confidence in guests and visitors as well as the loss of goods. The SIA has clearly outlined that security operatives receive proper conflict resolution and physical intervention training in order to ensure an effective security operation is maintained.

Conflict Management Training

ATR’s conflict management course can be tailored specifically to meet the needs of your organisation or institution. The SIA recognises that it is essential for all security personnel working in the Private Security Industry, to have undergone a structured, professional training programme that ends up with delegates earning recognised qualifications.

As defined by the SIA, all training providers who provide conflict management courses must possess either:

  • Edexcel Level 3 BTEC Certificate in Conflict Management Training
  • City & Guilds Level 3 Certificate for Deliverers of Conflict Management Training

ATR are regulated by the SIA to provide conflict resolution training to all delegates, who are working as:

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Learn how to resolve conflicts

You need to learn the best way to difyuse a situation, but also have the tools available to you, should a physical intervention be nessecary for the protection of all parties. Learn how to resolve conflict.