ATR train individuals and organisations in Close Protection.

ATR provide a Level 3 Close Protection training course, at our bespoke training academy. This involves Close Protection tradecraft, techniques and what to do to operate safely, discreetly and proactively. Our Level 3 course is focused on UK and European armed personnel, but can be tailored to suit those without the same level of experience. Further modules are also available.

Approved Training Providers

ATR’s Close Protection training academy is located near Reading, in a secluded woodland area. This allows us to make our scenario-based training more realistic and useful for delegates, so that they can get a truly immersive learning experience.

We provide Close Protection courses over the course of 14, 19 or 24 days, with the longer course durations also including First Person on Scene (FPOS) training (please contact us to discuss your training needs) and firearms training overseas. As part of bolt-on training, individuals and teams can take advantage of a highly-recommended first aid course that teaches you some transferable skills and knowledge. If you did require additional firearms training, or ROSPA driver certification, there are opportunities abroad which this is offered at an additional cost when signing up to our Close Protection training.


Close Protection Security

As a Close Protection Operative, you must be able to assess every situation and have the correct procedures in place. Background knowledge is helpful but not essential. ATR will take you on a journey from the start points, where you understand roles, responsibilities, and threat and risk assessment, right through to reconnaissance and kidnap for ransom training. We will also teach you everything you need to know about reducing personal risk, as well as avoiding and defusing conflict management.

There are additional elements to this course. This will involve discreet protective screening, surveillance, Close Protection Operative technical equipment and Close Quarter Protection (ATR's in house self-defence course) designed around your new role.

Many career options for Close Protection Officers include:

  • Bodyguarding for VIPs and celebrities
  • Private international assignments
  • Residential security
  • Asset promotion for high-end business retailers
  • Personal protection for individuals of a high net worth

SIA Close Protection Course Criteria

To work as a Close Protection Operative, first, you must obtain a licence from the Security Industry Authority. It is a legal requirement to get an SIA licence to work in the Private Security Industry, as you will need to show you are trained to the correct level.

To achieve the Level 3 Certificate for Working as a Close Protection Operative within the Private Security Industry, you will need to attend and pass two training modules, and an examination. Also, when applying for your licence, you will need to demonstrate evidence that you have obtained a full relevant Level 3 First Aid training qualification. Just to clarify, our 1-day Emergency First Aid at Work qualification is not a part of this criteria.


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guardian training - Close Protection

£3400 + VAT

ATR’s Close Protection Services

ATR aim to teach you the valuable skills that will enable you to take your next career step, in an immersive, life-changing experience. We aim to give you the essential requisite tools, skills and procedures that enable you to make quick and, in some cases, life-saving decisions. One common requirement for Close Protection Operatives is preparation, as no two situations will ever be the same. Our operational experience in law enforcement, intelligence services and specialist units will give you the valuable experience you need.

ATR are also able to provide thoroughly-trained and vetted Close Protection Operatives to individuals who may be at risk, to keep them safe and secure at all times. After carrying out a detailed security assessment, we can produce a cost-effective and comprehensive strategy to ensure clients can carry out their day-to-day activities firmly reassured that they are in safe hands. Our services are tailored specifically to suit each client, with our Close Protection Officers following a strict regime that respects privacy and reputation. This can be either an apparent overt presence or meticulously covert operation, that meets your needs.

Trained professionals, protecting you at every step

Our fully-trained and qualified Close Protection security operatives can provide you whatever type of protection you require. Whether you require an overt presence or a more discreet one, ATR can help you.

ATR are not just specialist training and service providers, but for organisations that require authorised close protection equipment, we have products available via our shop.