Self-Defence Classes

The art of self-defence is knowing how to defend yourself. While you may think it is about vital skills, it is actually about increasing awareness so that you can evaluate and avoid a situation before you need to use any defensive or protective measures. Should you ever face a hostile environment, undertaking self-defence training specialising in close-quarter protection techniques will help improve your situational awareness and personal security.

Self-defence and self-protection are focused on creating space to ensure you have adequate freedom of movement to be able to clear yourself or others from danger.

Our Close Quarter Protection training has been designed to give you an instinctive and proactive defence system, to keep you protected. ATR’s self-defence course covers personal safety awareness, and effective self-defence techniques. This training course is aimed at anyone, from young individual travellers to Close Protection Operatives.

In today’s uncertain society, no situation is guaranteed to be entirely safe. Therefore, it only makes sense that you equip yourself with transferable skills and techniques that will ultimately help you, if you were ever to encounter a threatening situation.

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Close Quarter Protection

ATR’s Close Quarter Protection training teaches you techniques and presence of mind, stemming from our trainers’ hands-on, personal experience with military and law enforcement. We show you the principles that underly our instructors’ individual training and help new delegates apply them to potentially threatening and hostile situations.

You will receive a certificate of attendance as evidence that you’ve attended and passed the course and are trained in these skills.

CQP self-defence training courses would be particularly beneficial to:

  • Organisations and individuals that travel locally and globally as part of their work.
  • Close Protection Officers
  • Journalists
  • Care and social service workers
  • Private bodyguards
  • Gap year students
  • Lone workers
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Self-Defence Course Overview

ATR’s safety and self-defence training course is not to be confused with any kind of martial arts training. The martial arts are almost sport-like, and are not always practical when it comes to effective, realistic self-defence skills. With our Close Quarter Combat (CQC) self-defence training, we can tailor it to your exact requirements. We can either conduct training on-site, or our trainers can also come to a mutually convenient location at a time that suits you.

Modern Close Quarter Protection is a system that works for all ages, abilities and strengths. Our CQC training ethos utilises practical and straightforward principles to help protect you (and others) in hostile environments and situations. One policy is that action beats reaction.

The course will cover anything including, but not limited to:

  • Personal safety
  • Identification and avoidance of risks
  • Self-defence tools and skills
  • Disengagement techniques
  • Hostile Close Quarter threat procedure
  • Pressure-point compliance training
  • Identifying target areas on attackers
  • Confined tactical restraint techniques
  • Verbal diffusion
  • Drug and assault awareness


By training in physical defence or protection, you can learn how to be aware of potentially volatile situations and, if the need arises, use hand-to-hand techniques, blocks, evasion and applications. You will receive hands-on training from instructors who have real-life hostile environment expertise to give you an entirely bespoke, practical learning experience.

Learn how to defend yourself by creating space

If you end up in a situation that has escalated into a physical one, you can protect yourself with the right techniques. Valuable skills taught by ATR will prepare you and help you deal with situations swiftly and effectively, maximising the safety of yourself and others.