Why Journalists Should Take HEFAT and HEAT Training

Why Journalists Should Take HEFAT and HEAT Training

Published: June 29, 2022 | Last Updated: May 30, 2023

At Advanced Tactical Resources, we recently published some content about why journalists should seriously consider enrolling on our widely recognised, immersive, accredited Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) courses. To find out what our delegates have said about this safety training course and what skills you can learn, this guide is here to help.

Hostile Environment and First Aid Training for Journalists

We provide HEAT and HEFAT (which stands for Hostile Environment and First Aid Training) courses, which can be tailored to suit individual requirements, as can all of our bespoke courses.

The HEAT and HEFAT training courses we provide cover various topics and specialisms, including (but not limited to):

As many of our delegates have been imminently heading abroad to cover developments in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, we are providing in-depth HEFAT and HEAT training courses on a broader scale than usual, even as our Centre of Excellence is still undergoing improvements.

With any training course, we always take the time to understand our delegates’ concerns, risks and threats to structure the course content around these areas so they feel more confident in approaching conflicts abroad. As we know, a situation like that in Ukraine currently can develop in the blink of an eye, so we must address those concerns.

Benefits of HEFAT Training

As per a recent series of testimonials provided by a recent collection of delegates who then went on to travel abroad, we can safely say that our journalist safety training can provide the following advantages:

  • It provides you with enhanced situational awareness, learning the ability to spot the absence of the normal and the presence of the abnormal.
  • It allows you to upskill in trauma first aid knowledge while refreshing your knowledge of how to use essential first aid equipment.
  • The scenario-based exercises provide you with immersive, practical experiences to reinforce the theories and strategies taught in the classroom.
  • The course allows you to cover plenty of ground and continually interact with one another while progressing through the course material at a pace that suits the whole room.
  • There are plenty of team-building add-ons to the course material, which help make delegates feel more comfortable.
  • The recreated traumatic experiences allow you to strategise as if it were real life, giving you a realistic expectation of possible conflicts that could arise.
  • The training allows you to expand your thinking beyond the day-to-day and think about possible scenarios that could develop and recognise potential dangers.

How Can HEFAT and HEAT Training Help Journalists Working Abroad?

Advanced Tactical Resources are partners of the Rory Peck Trust, which is dedicated to improving freelance journalist safety. We have been approached by journalists as well as charity organisations looking to send representatives to Ukraine in the wake of the conflict, among other areas where humanitarian crises are ongoing.

To summarise, a lone worker travelling to a hostile environment can do the following after completing training with ATR.

  • Deal with ongoing situations with improved reaction times.
  • Address low-risk scenarios and prevent them from escalating into high-risk ones.
  • Reflect on past behaviours and experiences to enhance their understanding.
  • Adapt according to their surroundings.
  • Spot warning signs and develop situational awareness.
  • Approach new situations dynamically and with an open mind.

What Delegates Have Said About ATR’s HEFAT Training Courses

On completion of the course, it allowed me to reflect on the way I behaved in the past, and what I learned on the course has allowed me to correct any errors and adapt according to the environment where I am working.” - Ingmar, a journalist based in Eastern Germany.

The instructors continually opened up the discussion, asking if there was anything specific we felt could be included for certain modules. That made it more relaxing and less intimidating as so much was covered. It was delivered really well, and I enjoyed the holistic perspective.” - Sasha, a South African journalist based in London.

This training has given me more confidence, whether it be day-to-day driving or continually asking myself the ‘what-ifs?’ This has made me challenge myself further, ensuring that my brain is in gear when evaluating a situation and reacting accordingly.” - Tara, a security officer at a refugee camp in Warsaw.

Next Available HEAT and HEFAT Course Dates

Advanced Tactical Resources’ next HEFAT training will take place at their Centre of Excellence from the 12th until the 14th of July 2022.

If you’d like to book your slot on the course, please enquire below or call the ATR head office.

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