The Importance of Specialist CONDO Training

The Importance of Specialist CONDO Training

Published: September 5, 2022 | Last Updated: May 30, 2023

The correct type of training is vital for mitigating risks of personnel deployed on operations with military personnel. The training is designed to understand how military units work and how you are provided with the tools to work seamlessly with them in high and low-risk areas and hostile environments. CONDO training addresses crucial elements of personal/collective risks and workers in areas where situational awareness is vital when working with military personnel.

It’s essential to understand precisely what is meant by this training. CONDO is an acronym for Contractor on Deployed Operations. CONDO training is a specialist form of training designed to give contractors an understanding of working with and around military organisations and where they fall under military law should a high-risk situation occur.

Advanced Tactical Resources is adept at providing specialist training for CONDOs, whether at our best-in-class facility or your location; our trainers are mobile. ATR’s training complies with the risk mitigation requirements of (DEFCON) 697 and DEFSTAN 05-129.

Preparations for CONDO Training

Our CONDO training is designed to meet DEFCON and DEFSTAN criteria. This section will outline what we need to know from you prior to our tailored CONDO training and what your training will involve.

What Our CONDO Training Will Involve

  • Country-Specific Security and Threat Brief - How dangerous is the environment you’ll be travelling to? What situations are there likely to be?
  • Cultural and situational awareness - Learn how to spot potential developing dangers in everyday situations, how to limit moments of insecurity and establish certainty.
  • Travel Situation - In-country travel, journey management and, where applicable, briefing on the use of MOD transport.
  • Military Bodies - Understanding how to work with and alongside military bodies and organisations.
  • Conflict Zone Awareness - Explosive ordinance, mines awareness, minefield extraction and hostage/kidnap drills.
  • Medical and Trauma First Aid Training - Use of tourniquets, trauma first aid equipment and an understanding of emergency procedures.
  • Different Forms of Attacks or Assaults - Self-defence element, creating space.
  • Scenario-based Training - Tailored by ATR to suit your knowledge, risks and level of experience.

What You Should Tell Us Beforehand

Before your CONDO training with us, we must understand the location you’re likely to be deployed to and what your role will be, which helps recommend how to tailor our courses around the specific requirements of you or your group.

Our specialist training for CONDOs is always specifically designed to include all necessary aspects of Hostile Environment Awareness, including a full breakdown of risk mitigation and management, tailored to the skills and requirements of candidates, but ensuring compliance with DEFCON and DEFSTAN criteria.

Benefits of Taking CONDO Training if You’re On Deployed Operations

Although certified CONDO Training is almost universally a requirement for contractors deployed overseas, it also comes with a variety of benefits that will help you both on and off of deployment.

Scenario-Based Exercises to Reinforce Theoretical Knowledge

Our CONDO training is practical and fully intensive. Using adaptive, scenario-based training enables us to teach and reinforce all theoretical knowledge to anyone, regardless of skill level or preferred style of learning.

2-day or 3-day Course Options

We offer our CONDO training courses in either 2-day or 3-day options, allowing us to tailor the course to your needs and the deployment brief you provide.

Situational Awareness Training

Situational Awareness Training is a fundamental skill for personal safety and the safety of those around you, which is true both in and out of deployment. The skills our training provides you with are vital for developing your ability to spot threats and mitigate risks wherever you are.

Real-World Experience

ATR’s personnel are all ex-military/law enforcement/UKSF. This allows us to apply our real-world experience to the specialist training courses we teach, helping us further tailor our training to the needs of your deployment.

Specialist CONDO Training From the Experts

If you need CONDO training for your deployment, let the experts at ATR know, and we’ll be glad to help. All of our courses are tailored to the needs of our participants, whether that be your personal needs or those of your deployment brief. 

Rest assured that the training we provide is fully compliant with DEFCON 697 and DEFSTAN 05-129, so the extensive training we can provide will leave you ready for your deployment.