CONDO Training: Elements and Benefits Explained

CONDO Training: Elements and Benefits Explained

Published: June 29, 2022 | Last Updated: July 14, 2023

Contractors on Deployed Operations (CONDO) is a specific type of safety training course. This type of training gives delegates from civilian and military backgrounds the necessary skills to perform their roles in remote and hostile environments. 

There is some misinformation about what’s included in a CONDO training program, so to clarify any confusion, we have outlined the elements of this training course while highlighting some of the most crucial subjects and how they apply in other scenarios. 

What is CONDO Training?

Before delving into the specifics and benefits of CONDO training, it’s essential to understand it.

CONDO training courses are required by individuals deployed overseas, in a certain geographical area, for a set period of time.

There are certain types of CONDO training that individuals must take, depending on their deployment circumstances.

  • CONDO IPDT safety training must be taken before deployment, with annual refresher training required. This applies to anyone deployed permanently in an area for longer than two years, or whether deployed periodically.
  • 3-day CONDO training courses are suitable for anyone deployed to high-risk CONDO environments.
  • 2-day CONDO training courses are applicable for Ministry of Defence operatives deployed to non-hostile, low-risk environments.
  • 1-day refresher courses are obligatory for anyone holding CONDO certification, which expires after one year.

What is Covered in CONDO Training Courses?

We provide both the three and two-day CONDO courses, covering a standard syllabus. However, as with all of our training courses, we can tailor and adapt the curriculum to suit your specific operational requirements.

To give you an idea of the CONDO training syllabus, below are some specific areas covered:

The above is just a small summary of what’s included, but to get a full syllabus, request one from the Advanced Tactical Resources office.

As you’ll hopefully recognise, we provide training for other specialisms such as close protection training, self-defence training and trauma first aid-focused courses such as HEFAT and HEAT training, among others. 

Within CONDO courses, there are three elements that we feel are quite relevant whatever your background and expertise levels, which can help you whatever environment you’re deployed to.

Personal Safety

Training should not explicitly be a one-time experience for any employees working for your organisation. To maximise efficiency and effectiveness, continuous safety training will help your team members personally and professionally, while contributing towards your organisation’s goals.

Organisations need to have the right tools, strategies and, in many cases, equipment, to ensure their employees are as safe as possible. Individual safety leads to collective safety, which you can gain with effective, bespoke safety training.

Whether you’re deployed to a hostile environment or not and will remain somewhere more civilian and less risky, personal security training skills will help you feel more intuitive to spot dangers.

Applying Situational Awareness Principles

Situational awareness is ostensibly understanding what is going on at any given moment. Training yourself to improve situational awareness requires specific thought processes, mental models, and strategies to spot the absence of the normal and the presence of the abnormal.

Stemming from history in military and law enforcement operations where these skills are taught to individuals in high-risk environments, our trainers provide bespoke situational awareness training for individuals of all backgrounds. We have developed customised courses to improve individual safety and awareness for lone workers, women and children, among others.

Risks are unique to each individual, whether it’s falling down a flight of stairs in the workplace or succumbing to urban terrorism or kidnapping abroad. Situational awareness can be taught to individuals, allowing them to remain mindful of all developing risk factors and potential threats.

Essential First Aid Training in CONDO Operations

CONDO training teaches delegates basic first aid skills and trauma awareness and techniques for emergencies. If deployed abroad, it’ll pay dividends to remind yourself of the procedures, expected waiting times for the emergency services, contact numbers, etc.

Even if you’re not deployed overseas, trauma first aid training can be taught to individuals and businesses to fulfil their HSE requirements. We can even provide the 1-day Emergency First Aid at Work training course or the full 3-day First Aid at Work course, using similar, bespoke strategies, equipment and scenario-based exercises to reinforce theory and knowledge.

Find a CONDO Training Course Near You

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