What is an SIA Licence and How do I Qualify for one?

What is an SIA Licence and How do I Qualify for one?

October 8, 2020

If you’re looking to work in the security industry, perhaps as a bodyguard or door supervisor, then it’s one thing to ensure you’re physically and mentally prepared for the challenges. One other prerequisite for working in security is having an up-to-date, valid SIA licence.

sia licensed security officers monitoring live crowd

What is an SIA Licence?

An SIA licence qualifies anybody to work in the Private Security Industry. The SIA is the organisation responsible for regulating this industry, and maintaining all aspects of SIA licensed jobs. An SIA security licence is issued subject to certain conditions, depending on the roles that individuals are applying for.

Why you Need an SIA Licence

The SIA is responsible for protecting society, by developing and achieving high standards. This involves the compulsory licensing of individuals working in specific sectors of the industry. Unless an employer or governing organisation has been given an exemption, under Section 4 of the Private Security Industry Act 2001, it’s a criminal offence to perform any licensable duties of, say, a security guard, without an SIA licence.

Essentially, the SIA must validate and approve you to be able to work in the industry. The only way you get that approval is with valid SIA security training.

Which SIA Licence Do I Need?

There are two types of licences, front line and non-front line, both of which require you to partake in a SIA License Training Course. They have their difference in what sectors you can then eventually work in.

  1. Front line licence - this licence is required if you are carrying out any licensable activities as part of your role. A front line licence is ostensibly an SIA badge which must be worn at all times.
  2. Non-front line - this is compulsory for anyone who manages, supervises or employs individuals who engage in licensable activities. This licence is issued via post. 

How Do I Qualify for an SIA Licence?

If you are applying for a front line licence, you’ll be required to undergo a structured, regimented SIA licence training course. The relevant training will award you with the relevant accreditation and certification that you need to work in the security industry.

There are various training courses you can look into, which focus on specific front line positions. These licences cover different areas across the industry, so knowing where you want to work may help narrow down the options available to you. Some common courses include:

ATR are specialist training providers, that provide a wide range of Close Protection training, services and products which can aid organisations and institutions. We are authorised and recognised by the SIA to carry out standard and bespoke training for individuals who require their licences. 

Jobs that Require SIA Licence Training

With a valid SIA licence, you will be able to work in any of the following positions:

Taking an SIA licence course is the essential first step you should take if you want to ensure you are meeting the correct criteria for the SIA. The SIA always wants to ensure that the individuals who hold licences are appropriately trained, qualified and vetted to do their jobs properly.

Once you have completed your SIA Close Protection training, and you have passed your chosen training course, you must complete the SIA application. You will then be informed directly on the status and outcome of your licence application.

SIA Licence Training Courses with ATR

ATR are specialist Close Protection training course providers, who utilise a variety of different practices to give delegates a memorable, immersive learning experience.

While our course directors will work diligently to ensure you are physically and mentally prepared, we will use a variety of scenario-based training exercises to help you assess your situational awareness. This is what we incorporate into all courses, whether it’s first aid training, travel safety and awareness or lone worker training.

To find out more about our upcoming SIA Close Protection courses, get in touch with us directly.