What is Digital Forensics?

Digital forensics, concerns the identification, preservation and analysis of digital evidence using lawful and authorised processes. The investigative process follows three steps:

  1. Extract information from the digital device
  2. Exploit the data
  3. Examine the data

Digital forensics experts may be hired by private companies as part of their cybersecurity and information security aims, to identify potential data breaches, leaks and cyber attacks or threats. Law enforcement organisations use digital exploitation analysis to advance cases and also use capabilities within an incident response situation, to help recover or rapidly identify sensitive data that was lost or stolen as a result of an attack.

What is Digital Forensics Used for?

This practice is often used in both criminal, commercial, and private investigations. Evidence is collected to support or refute hypotheses in court, and digital forensics can help with intelligence gathering or locate, identify, and prevent potential other crimes. In civil cases, the practice of digital exploitation may help with electronic discovery (eDiscovery), such as unauthorised network intrusion, as an example.


Digital Exploitation Services

ATR support law enforcement operations through numerous methods of ethical digital forensics. We deliver industry-leading technology and services, trusted by both law enforcement and enterprise organisations to help secure valuable assets, protect communities, and resolve criminal investigations.

We deliver capability consultancy services, providing new teams with the correct equipment levels, as well as the technical capability and training provision. We train the trainers, users and tactical operatives.

Law Enforcement

ATR can provide you with digital intelligence solutions that will help the way you discover and process evidence, seamlessly and efficiently. The digital forensic equipment we provide will help accelerate investigations and solve cases much more quickly.

Enterprise Businesses

ATR’s digital exploitation equipment allows corporations, legal firms and service providers, ethically, to legally access data sources (including computers and mobile devices) while effectively managing the compliance of data and evidence. Whether for a corporate investigation, incident response or eDiscovery solution, we can help.

Defence and Intelligence

Military and intelligence agencies require fast access to digital data (such as anti-narcotics operations and counterintelligence) to accelerate investigations. Our solutions enable rapid exploitation of digital media, as well as quick decoding and analysis capabilities. We are capable of helping military police, prosecutors and investigative units with proven, high-quality digital forensics solutions.


Digital Forensics Training

Digital exploitation is an ever-changing and growing field. Apps, technology and devices are consistently evolving and developing. Therefore, training is absolutely essential. It also helps to have refresher training over a certain period of time, to familiarise yourselves with new and innovative methods and enhance your understanding.

After completing ATR’s training course, you will earn a recognised qualification, cementing your abilities and knowledge to become a digital forensic specialist or qualified investigator. ATR’s qualified personnel all have hands-on investigative experience, and backgrounds in the UK military, police & UKSF.

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