The team at ATR look internally and externally within business environments and organisations, to identify factual evidence in information and intelligence. We conduct discreet corporate investigations worldwide. Our knowledge and experience will help your organisation to resolve any disputes or allegations which have the potential to cause damage to you, your business and its reputation.

What are Corporate Investigations?

A corporate, or commercial investigation is a thorough investigation of business premises, carried out by a third party to uncover any wrongdoings committed by internal or external personnel.

Businesses and corporations regularly require commercial investigations, not only to uncover illegal or suspicious activity but to protect any potential threats and risk down the line. If you are concerned with your business infrastructure, operations and employees, hiring a corporate investigator can provide you with unbiased, reliable information, and do so discreetly without exposing you to potential conflicts.

With years of expertise in every facet of corporate investigations, commercial investigations and risk assessments, ATR deliver exceptional, transparent results. At these levels, obtaining incorrect or misleading intelligence can have serious implications. At ATR, you can rest assured knowing that investigations will be handled with consistency, professionalism and intricacy through bespoke services delivered to your exact requirements. The information divulged will be provided to you with security and discretion at heart.

Corporate Investigation Methods

The methods of corporate investigations vary depending on the extent of the investigation you require, as well as numerous other contributing factors. Your infrastructure, accessibility and what type of information you need disclosed will all play important factors in how ATR use the tools at our disposal, to resolve your situations.

Some examples of our techniques:

Why Hire Corporate Investigators?

Professional corporate investigation operatives are hired to prevent the following from happening in an organisation:

  • Loss or theft of proprietary information
  • Employee misconduct
  • Corruption
  • Network misuse or abuse
  • Compromised personal, corporate or sensitive information
  • Bribery
  • Network or system attacks
  • Illegal foreign exchanges
  • Industrial espionage

We go above and beyond to provide the kind of detail you need to make informed expert decisions quickly and efficiently. Our team of investigation experts have the dedication and experience to find any information you require, and deliver it however you see fit. We are committed to providing specialist corporate investigation services, no matter how convoluted the trail becomes.

We are regularly called upon by international corporations, legal companies and government authorities to deliver exceptional results discreetly and professionally.


Do you have a data breach or a leak?

If you're concerned you have a breach of any kind, or are not sure how to protect your IP, we're able to provide you with a turnkey solution to solve any issues you may have.