Private Investigation Services

At ATR, we offer a wide range of private investigation solutions. We offer our private clients a wholesome, unique investigation process, tailored specifically to meet your requirements, and uncover information that is tangible, ethically-sourced and reputable.

We have years of covert surveillance experience, stemming from time in law enforcement, operations, intelligence and the UKSF. This experience, coupled with our proactive and transparent approach to conducting investigations, you can put your faith entirely in ATR, knowing that we will be able to gather information in a safe, secure and efficient way.

Types of Private Investigations

We have conducted private investigations and corporate investigations for a massive variety of clients in the governmental, legal, medical and law enforcement sectors, to confirm suspicions or dispel doubt without any form of confrontation or conflict. In doing so, our proactive thinking and operations have led to swift delivery, without any information being compromised, so quick decisions can be made.

All of our investigations, be it private or corporate, are ethical, conducted safely and strictly within the law. Our private investigation clients can expect the same high standards of service, as can our commercial investigation clients. All information used within a covert operation like this can be used within a court if necessary, given that our investigation personnel are professionally trained, qualified and vetted.

Why Hire Private Investigation Professionals?

The industry of private surveillance and investigations is entirely unregulated, and unlicensed. Therefore there are often question marks that surround individuals who offer private investigation services, as well as those who seek it. Entrusting your sensitive and personal information to private investigators without any training or qualifications, could spell disaster for you.

ATR are GDPR-compliant and bound by law to ensure your information is safeguarded. Our team of professional, experienced and qualified operators have had relevant background checks carried out, and are fully authorised to use our professional-grade surveillance equipment.

We offer a range of bespoke, discreet investigation services. From Day One, we would ensure we are fully knowledgeable about your needs, consider how we would gather the information, and present it to you. We always ensure that you’re fully aware of what actions we take and the intended outcome of these actions.


Our range of private investigation services include:

  • Covert vehicle tracking
  • Protective surveillance
  • Counter-surveillance
  • Proof of cohabitation
  • Rural surveillance (CROPS for those already familiar)
  • Urban surveillance
  • Aerial surveillance

Are you concerned about illegal or unlawful events happening?

Speak to ATR directly, and one of our specialist investigation consultants will talk to you further about discreet, private investigation services and solutions.