How and Why: HEAT Training Isn’t Always Hostile

How and Why: HEAT Training Isn’t Always Hostile

Published: March 17, 2023 | Last Updated: May 4, 2023

Hostile Environment Awareness Training or ‘HEAT’ as it’s more commonly known, would suggest that the main and only takeaway from this course would be how to prepare yourself for a hostile environment better.. 

However, HEAT training courses canoffer much more in the way of practical skills. The training that professionals giveoften stretches far beyond your typical first-aid training courses. 

The following blog outlines the benefits of attending a HEAT training course and how it can help you to better understand hostile environments.

What Defines a Hostile Environment?

Hostile environments can be found in all areas of life. At work, at home or in public, these conditions can be difficult to navigate. 

A hostile environment is typically described as circumstances in which dangers and unsafe situations can present themselves. These dangers usually occur as a result of human interaction - whether a direct attack or a repercussion of an action intended to harm. However, this is not always the case, so no matter where you find yourself, it’s best to keep a lookout for potential hazards. 

What is a H.E.A.T. Course?

HEAT training courses are designed to teach individuals personal safety and security through the use of theoretical and realistic situations. 

A hostile environment training course teaches you how to be aware of your surroundings and which techniques should be implemented to ensure safety from immediate and potential dangers. These techniques also include how to practise situational awareness, which is the act of being constantly aware of your surroundings and ensuring you are better informed to make rational decisions. 

Benefits of Attending a HEAT Course

HEAT training courses offer multiple benefits that can be adapted to suit any individual in their working and personal lives. These benefits include:

  • Helping with understanding the psychology of survival.
  • Assisting with knowing how and why to prepare for your travels.
  • Giving practical and realistic instructions or trauma first aid.
  • Engaging individuals to work as a team based on cooperation and independent thinking. 
  • Teaches how to prioritise your survival needs during an emergency. 
  • Practices useful skills such as signalling for help, starting a fire and navigating to safety

These benefits ultimately combine into a greater understanding and awareness of your environment and teach the natural instinct of how to respond appropriately to these threats. 

HEAT Training Doesn't Have to be Hostile 

HEAT Training also offers other potential skills besides those learnt in a Hostile Environment. At Advanced Tactical Resources, we offer scenario-based training covering areas such as:

  • Planning and risk management
  • Incident management and reporting
  • Checkpoints – benign and hostile
  • Trauma First Aid training 
  • Route planning and management
  • Hostage, kidnap and ransom
  • Arrest and Interrogation
  • Situational awareness
  • Self-protection against physical violence
  • Specialist scenarios for practical application
  • Driving techniques and development
  • Travel safety 

These specialist training courses are ideal for individuals looking to travel overseas or corporate companies travelling in larger groups. Not only does the training offer information and statistics that will put the dangers into perspective, but it also provides knowledge of how to look after others, as well as yourself.

Self-Defence Classes Near You

The specialist trainers at Advanced Tactical Resources are highly experienced in providing you with quality scenario-based HEAT training courses which equip you with the knowledge of how to best prepare yourself for a hostile situation. 

If you would like more information about our courses or any other services we offer, please get in touch today.