Why Increasing Situational Awareness for Staff is Important

Why Increasing Situational Awareness for Staff is Important

Published: October 3, 2022 | Last Updated: May 30, 2023

It can be easy to overlook situational awareness. Many don’t realise why it’s such a vital skill for organisations to encourage the development of their staff.

There are vast benefits to increasing the situational awareness of your staff, including learning how to protect themselves and improving the security of company assets.

Situational awareness training can benefit organisations throughout many different departments, including finance, HR and security.

Training can take many forms. A good way to think of it is that situational awareness training aims to increase a person’s mental image of everything going on around them and equip them with the correct tools to be alert to what might otherwise go unseen. Situational awareness training is valuable to people from all walks of life, providing superior knowledge of how to keep yourself and others safe from any form of danger.

Benefits of Safety Training in the Workplace

Personal Safety

Firstly, situational awareness will provide employees with a greater understanding of how to protect themselves and put their own safety first. By being more aware of their surroundings, employees will be able to spot dangers faster and know what steps to take to mitigate risks.

There are many benefits to increasing your employees' personal safety, including a lower risk of workplace-related accidents and a greater level of security for your premises.

Increase in Crime

You may have heard already that crime is on the rise, especially violent crime. The Office for National Statistics has recorded a steep increase in offences. Criminal activity puts everyone at an increased level of risk, making situational awareness all the more necessary. Awareness of criminal trends and how to avoid dangerous or violent situations is vital for everyone in the 21st century.

Safer Workplaces

In the modern day, it’s crucial that people work together to help improve security, especially in roles where vulnerable information is at risk. It’s essential to understand how to spot suspicious behaviour and how or where to report it.

Learning how to take proactive steps is a core part of the scenario and situational awareness training offered by Advanced Tactical Resources.

How Can Situational Awareness Training Be Delivered

Face to Face

One of the most effective ways to deliver situational awareness training is through our bespoke in-person classes.

At Advanced Tactical Resources, we boast a specialist centre designed specifically to help us deliver our situational awareness training as efficiently as possible, putting you and your learning first.

Situational Awareness E-Learning

Some organisations may find it hard to get all their staff together to visit our training centre for a face-to-face class. This is where E-Learning can be helpful for many of our courses, situational awareness included. Advanced Tactical Resources are able to provide bespoke E-Learning to your staff, which can be tailored to be as in-depth as required.

Virtual Training

Virtual training is a valuable option where the others are unavailable. Applications such as Zoom have made it much easier to teach over the internet without having to prepare E-Learning material or get everyone together for a face-to-face session, which can be hugely beneficial when the latter isn’t possible due to safety concerns. Virtual training has the added benefit of allowing many learners to learn at once without the headache that logistics may pose. Virtual training can be an excellent option for larger organisations in need of regular or one-off training. 

Comprehensive Situational Awareness Training With ATR

Our 3-day intensive situational awareness training courses are designed to help anyone increase their situational awareness and understanding of complex situations. Led by specialists in hostile environments, Advanced Tactical Resources’ courses are based explicitly on your requirements.





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