Why do Women Need to Have Situational Awareness?

Why do Women Need to Have Situational Awareness?

August 23, 2021

It’d be rare to find a woman in your life that hasn’t been subject to some form of harassment, abuse, violence or threatening behaviour in their life. For many women worldwide, one or more of these behaviours have led to several traumatic experiences which simply should not be ignored. The fact is that the safety of women and girls everywhere is and should be a top priority. 

This is why Advanced Tactical Resources provide bespoke, scenario-driven female situational awareness training courses.

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Situational Awareness for Women

Our primary aim is to help women feel safer wherever they are. Situational awareness training involves equipping individuals with the mental and physical preparedness for taking decisive action in a developing emergency. Situational awareness is defined as being fully aware of your surroundings at any given time.

Our situational awareness trainers utilise their first-hand military, UKSF and law enforcement experience to deliver bespoke training for women. We provide all delegates with the tools, resources and skills they need to create enough space between themselves and any potential attacker(s), and ideally, spot unusual or unnerving signs before anything occurs. 

In light of the infamous Sarah Everard case in Clapham, there has been an increased public outcry for the UK Government to step in and take protecting women more seriously. Sarah Everard’s death prompted mass protests regarding women’s safety on the streets, and the Government is reportedly planning to announce structured plans and policies to help women everywhere.

The Home Secretary has said the UK Government is taking action on street harassment as it continues to unveil its new strategy for protecting women and girls. For example, wolf-whistling and cat-calling could become criminal offences, and the Ministry of Justice could inevitably commission a 24/7 rape and sexual assault helpline for victims.

While this action is welcome, as a company, we are committed to helping women feel more in control of situations. If we can help one woman or girl to feel more physically and mentally prepared to escape and evade an attack, that is a win for us. 

Before booking yourself onto a situational awareness course, ask yourself the below questions to see whether this is right for you.

Questions to Ask Regarding Situational Awareness and Decision-Making

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve felt threatened?

Everyone’s experience is different, but if yes, try to replay the situation and assess what happened and how you dealt with it. Were you able to lessen the bad feeling, if so, how?

Have you ever found yourself in surroundings where something ‘just doesn’t feel right’?

Our conscience is surprisingly powerful; usually, when we suspect something feels off, it’s because it is. What examples did this happen for you? What warning signs were there? Did they worsen or get better? How?

If you suspect your personal security is at risk, what actions would you take?

Personal security is something we have to assess regularly. Are we always fully aware of our surroundings and potential threats? How can we avoid such risks from developing? Physically and emotionally, what actions do we need to take? Read more about improving situational awareness.

Do you know how to avoid/reduce your risks in life-threatening situations?

Life-threatening situations (for example, in hostile environments) befall people regularly, such as business travellers or even gap year students, sometimes without them even realising. So we need to reflect on what we would do in an emergency. What knowledge do we have in our long-term memory? Is it enough?

It’s essential to ask the above questions because, with thorough situational awareness training, you will be able to answer them with more confidence and reassurance, along with the plethora of physical and emotional skills that will be added to your repertoire.

Why Might Female Situational Awareness Training be the Answer?

Advanced Tactical Resources conduct scenario-based training to help reinforce the theory and classroom-based learning we teach all our delegates. This is no different for our women and child situational awareness courses.

To summarise, here is how a course would work:

  • Theoretical knowledge - talking is necessary, but it only prepares you so much for a scenario. Everyone’s experience is different, but theories and concepts of situational awareness can be taught to everyone. It starts by understanding what a threat looks like, and learning about alert categories, thought processes, and levels of situational awareness.
  • Practical techniques - similarly to self-defence training or close protection training, the most important physical aspect is to create space between yourself and a perpetrator. We teach you how that can be done as safely as possible.
  • Scenario-based reinforcement - we put your skills to the test in realistic simulations that closely mimic a real-life situation. With the theory and practical sessions behind you, you can now apply said learning to a personable problem to enhance your preparedness.

Women’s Situational Awareness Leaflet

To find out more about our women’s situational awareness training content, you can view a PDF of our flyer here.

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