Everything you Need to Know about Women’s Situational Awareness

Everything you Need to Know about Women’s Situational Awareness

April 23, 2021

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Situational awareness is a vital factor in survival and safety that we must adopt every single day. No matter where we are, or how familiar our environment is, we are always vulnerable, and we may not be acutely aware of potential dangers that exist. Situational awareness training helps you spot the absence of the normal and the presence of the abnormal. Accredited training providers like Advanced Tactical Resources teach people the mechanisms and tools that give them heightened situational awareness in everyday situations as well as hostile environments.

Female Situational Awareness

In light of recent events in the news, people have drawn serious attention to the prevalent issue of women’s safety. The reality is that women face danger wherever they go, and some of them may not even realise that they’re in trouble until it’s too late. That’s where situational awareness training for women is increasingly important.

One of the keys to situational awareness is alerting yourself of who and what is around you. It’s easy to get distracted by using your mobile phone or listening to music, and those distractions can play a pivotal role in your overall awareness of your surroundings.

The fear that recent murder cases has raised, has reinforced the much-needed attention on the issue of women’s safety.

Advanced Tactical Resources are offering an all-inclusive phased course that includes a 2-hour webinar followed by a 1-day training course. We’re also expanding this out to children and their safety awareness as well. The webinar introduces techniques designed to avoid risk whilst the 1-day course will allow you to practice these new skills in a training and scenario-based environment.

Common Safety and Awareness Mistakes

People make mistakes when it comes to everyday situational awareness; that’s part of life. However, with scenario-based exercises that you’ll undertake with accredited training, you’ll be more physically and mentally prepared than before. Here are some general tips to remind yourself of when considering situational awareness.

Limit distractions

Talking or texting on your mobile phone might seem like a bad idea, but in reality, it can be a lifesaver. If you’re encountering a potentially threatening situation, you may need to rely on your phone for alerting someone that you’re in danger. The strategy here is to be smart with your phone, and not use it for anything other than an emergency. You’ll need to be able to differentiate between a threat and a non-threat, and that’s easier said than done. Distractions, no matter how small, can make you look like an easy target.

Take precautions

The sad reality is that women have to take many precautionsto remain safe. Unfortunately, it’s ingrained in what women have to do; they have to be alert at all times to avoid being harassed or attacked, and even then, there are no guarantees. Whether these precautions include keeping one or both hands free for defence, wearing trainers for an easier escape in an emergency, or specifically avoiding listening to music to limit distractions, there are things women can do to improve their situational awareness.

Spot patterns

Routine, set patterns can be subsequently exploited. Taking different routes to and from work, to the shops, and going home is something that women do regularly. If you don’t do this, it’s recommended that you do, as it will limit your vulnerability. Try to incorporate safety spots throughout your journeys wherever possible.

Trust your instincts

If something or someone makes you feel uncomfortable, you shouldn’t ignore that feeling. Don’t reveal too much about yourself, or discount any danger signals.

The above is a small blanket list of what to do to enhance your situational awareness. The problem lies far deeper, and men have a tremendous duty to play in women’s overall safety.

Situational Awareness Training Courses

Ultimately, we want to help keep women safe. Our female situational awareness training can be tailored specifically to your requirements, and we’ll structure it in ways that you can feel safer in everyday situations. Speak to us directly for more information.

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