What Should be in a Trauma First Aid Kit?

What Should be in a Trauma First Aid Kit?

Published: March 13, 2023 | Last Updated: May 30, 2023

First aid kits can be found in most establishments around the UK and across the world. Plasters, bandages, scissors, and antiseptic wipes - just a few examples of what’s used to treat minor accidents and injuries. 

But what if anaccident quickly turns into a life-or-death situation? If a small plaster won't cover an injury that requires immediate medical attention from a healthcare professional?

The following article discusses the correct equipment to include in a trauma first aid kit and why each item is important.


Essential Trauma Equipment

It is vital for the survival of the victim that all trauma first aid kits are well-equipped with the correct apparatus. The higher-level equipment included in a trauma first-aid kit is designed to assist in life-threatening situations, especially in environments where healthcare professionals cannot attend to a scene immediately.

In some hostile environments across the globe, professional medical attention is not available at all, let alone quickly. Therefore, it’s crucial that when travelling to such destinations, you are educated on how to assist in a life-threatening situation and how to utilise all items in a trauma first aid kit correctly. 

Below are seven crucial elements you should always find in a trauma first aid kit.

1. Gloves

It is imperative that gloves are used when handling life-threatening injuries such as deep cuts and grazes that seep deeper than the surface of the skin. 

Surgical gloves are worn to protect the victim from potential infections and keep the area as clean and sterilised as possible. Infections taking hold in the affected site can accelerate the effects of infections such as sepsis, which is extremely deadly if not caught and treated early. 

2. Scissors

Scissors are a key item to keep in a trauma first aid kit at all times. 

Scissors assist in the application of bandages, ensuring that they can be cut to the right length or split in the event of more than one accident site. They are also crucial for cutting garments or clothing that may be obstructing an injury or restricting blood flow to any one area.

3. Bandages

Bandages aim to prohibit the intrusion of dirt, grit and other harmful substances into the wounded site. Applying bandages after critical first aid treatment helps to prevent infections from entering the injury, much like gloves do.

4. Israeli Bandage

Israeli bandages are one of the most vital pieces of equipment in a trauma first-aid kit. Their aim is to stop heavybleeding when blood loss plunges the victim into a life-threatening state. 

5. Trauma Wound Dressings

Trauma wound dressings, much like Israeli bandages, aim to prohibit foreign objects from entering the site and stop heavy bleeding. Due to their strength, trauma wound dressings are designed for the purpose of treating the victim of a serious incident. 

6. Tourniquet and Marker Pen

A tourniquet restricts blood flow to a specific site to prevent drastic external bleeding. Loss of blood is the cause of around two million deaths every year,  of which 1.5 million stem from physical trauma. 

7. CPR Face Shield

When performing CPR on a patient, CPR face shields are used to prevent infection and, in some cases, improve the quality of rescue breaths.

Importance of Having a Trauma Kit

A trauma kit can be the difference between life and death when treating a serious  injury.Treating the victim appropriately until professional medical help arrives on the scene can make all the difference to someone’s recovery and the chance of survival.

Trauma First Aid Kit: The ITEAR-KIT by ATR

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