Bodyguard Training: How to Become a Bodyguard or CPO

Bodyguard Training: How to Become a Bodyguard or CPO

October 15, 2021

A bodyguard, otherwise known as a Close Protection Officer (CPO), protects individuals from physical harm. This could range from attacks or assaults to public harassment, verbal abuse, kidnapping and much more. A Close Protection Guard should ensure that any potentially volatile or developing situation results in total personal safety and security for the individual hiring them.

Many people pursue bodyguard training or close protection training following time spent in law enforcement or the armed forces. However, many security organisations employing individuals require specialist close protection training to fulfil their obligations to the Security Industry Authority (SIA). To work as an operative within the private security industry, you must hold an SIA licence obtained through various courses. SIA close protection courses are just one of four specialist SIA training areas.

This guide explains all you need to know about whether pursuing a career in close protection is right for you, as well as the training you’d need to get there.

Ways to Become a Close Protection Officer or Bodyguard

People can work as a bodyguard through one of two career paths:

  1. Completing a college course, such as the Level 3 Certificate for Working as a Close Protection Operative.

  2. Applying directly to your chosen security organisation or through a recruitment agency. To do this, you will need a valid and up-to-date SIA Close Protection Licence. To earn a licence, you’ll need to attend relevant training from providers such as Advanced Tactical Resources.

Before embarking on an SIA training course like this, you need to ask why you want to become a bodyguard or CPO. It’s not exactly as glamorous and straightforward as Hollywood films make it out to be. It certainly requires far more thought than simply a desire to hang with A-list celebrities and live a life of luxury because the reality is far different.

Working in close protection is not for everyone; it requires specific skill sets, traits and dedication. If your only experience working in conflict management, supervision, and personal security is watching people do it in action films, you need to prepare yourself for a harsh reality check.

What is Involved with Bodyguard or Close Protection Training?

In summary, close protection and bodyguarding involve:

  • Patience
  • Integrity
  • Punctuality
  • Commitment
  • Discretion
  • Selflessness
  • Alertness
  • Decisiveness
  • Personal fitness

You will need to exhibit the above traits before even setting foot on a bodyguard or close protection training course.

Requirements of a Close Protection Operative

  • You’ll be required to be stationary for hours and move quickly at short notice in response to any potential threats.
  • You have to be punctual; lateness is often inexcusable and can result in disciplinary action being taken.
  • Your professionalism rests on your ability to control your emotions around the people you’re protecting.
  • You’ll have to instinctively put yourself in harm’s way to prevent anything from happening to the individual you’re paid to protect.
  • Your commitment should be second to none, clearly and consistently demonstrating your diligence. This doesn’t just apply to the protection of the individual, but also towards any activities regarding continued professional development (CPD).
  • You will be required to demonstrate and maintain impeccable standards of physical fitness.
  • You’ll be expected to put yourself in compromising situations with discretion. This can include remedial jobs that the individual will delegate to you.
  • You’ll be expected to work very long hours without many breaks (if at all) and often expected to prioritise any events where the individual requires your presence. This can regularly coincide with your personal leave or family commitments, and you’ll often be expected to prioritise your work.

Close Protection Officer and Bodyguard Training Courses

After reading the above, if you are still considering training to be a personal bodyguard, we applaud your commitment. Suppose you’ve looked past the initial appealing idea of brushing shoulders with A-listers or high net worth individuals and prepared yourself for a very different reality. In that case, you may benefit from our intensive, scenario-driven close protection courses. 

Advanced Tactical Resources deliver specialised training courses tailored to the delegates’ and organisations’ requirements. Our bespoke close protection courses include realistic scenarios to reinforce the theories and concepts taught, while providing an immersive, close-to-reality simulation that benefits the delegates. 

With our close protection bodyguard training, you can expect to learn concepts of situational awareness, self-defence, close-quarter protection (CQP), physical endurance tests, deployment and risk management. We hold a valid SIA licence as a training provider to conduct our close protection training, with our providers having years of professional security, law enforcement and UKSF experience, ensuring that you’re in good hands whilst developing these skills. 

For more information, please enquire with us about our following available course dates.

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