Corporate HEAT Education & FAQs

Published: September 28, 2023 | Last Updated: October 4, 2023

How Heat Training Can Help Increase Employee Safety and Reduce Risk of Corporate Manslaughter

Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) reduces the risk of corporate manslaughter and makes employees safer. It manages this by equipping staff with knowledge of security protocols, threat assessment, and crisis management, fostering an organisation's proactive safety culture.

Indeed HEAT training has now become even more important following a change in the law. The UK Corporate Manslaughter Act 2008 addresses corporate liability for deaths caused by management failure as a response to concerns about the inadequate accountability of corporations for deaths caused by their actions or omissions. The law has signalled a shift towards holding organisations accountable for their actions. So how should they respond?

How Heat Training Can Help Companies Comply With Health and Safety Regulations

HEAT training is vital in helping companies get proactive on this crucial issue.

It teaches risk assessment, personal security, emergency first aid, stress management, and crisis communication. By providing employees with these vital tools and knowledge, organisations can better prepare their teams to handle dangerous situations, minimise harm, and prevent accidents or fatal incidents.

This proactive approach to safety fosters a culture of preparedness and mitigating the risk of corporate manslaughter and significant penalties, including unlimited fines. Employers have the legal duty to reassess the company’s policies regarding the premises where employees operate. By implementing HEAT training, companies demonstrate their commitment to maintaining a safe work environment and minimising potential hazards, aligning with health and safety regulations and protecting their employees.

How Heat Training Improves Resilience and Comfort for Employees Working in Hostile Conditions

Corporate manslaughter is punishable under England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland laws, including territorial waters, British ships, aircraft, oil rigs, offshore installations and all workplaces covered by the UK criminal law. Courts will analyse the management system and practices across the company, prosecuting those who failed to properly manage the safety and health of the corporate personnel.

Businesses have to appoint a 'competent person' with health and safety responsibilities, usually one of the owners in smaller firms or a member of staff trained in health and safety or has undertaken HEAT training. If they send employees to a potentially dangerous or hostile country without adequate training, and they are fatally injured, the company must be prepared to accept responsibility for corporate manslaughter. 

Scenario-based HEAT Training Courses from ATR

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