What are the Benefits of Taking UAV Drone Training?

What are the Benefits of Taking UAV Drone Training?

Published: March 28, 2022 | Last Updated: May 4, 2023

The use of drones in tactical operations is growing and developing alarmingly quickly. Suppose you operate in law enforcement, security or military operations. In that case, you may be called upon to use drone technology, hence why operators must be doing enough to improve their capabilities within the industry.

If your commercial or private organisation requires hands-on, efficient operations from more of your team, you may need structured, efficient and scenario-based training from UAV accredited professionals like Advanced Tactical Resources.

Reasons to Invest in Tactical Drone Training

Whether you have one or multiple operators flying drones in a tactical manner and environment, you need to ensure that their training is the most relevant and up-to-date at any given time.

If your current operators were to receive continuous training to enhance their existing skill sets, how positively could this impact the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations? You have to honestly ask yourself how learning tactical drone flying skills in a safe environment will be an asset to you, rather than being an unwanted cost. Operators will likely benefit from immersive training to improve what they already know, whatever level they’re currently working at.

Surveillance and Actionable Intelligence

Another reason to invest in continuous drone training programs is to develop the primary roles in ISR (Intelligence, Security and Reconnaissance). The ISR consists of integrated operations and intelligence activities, synchronising all planning and execution of any covert or overt operation involving drones.

Using drones and flying objects in covert or overt operations is crucial for safety and achieving the desired mission objectives. They can be vital in gathering actionable data and intelligence pertaining to any ground, air or sea operations, so learning and adapting to new technologies is crucial.

Benefits of Tactical UAV Drone Training

The young man in the copter starts

At Advanced Tactical Resources, we provide a range of tactical drone pilot courses aimed at law enforcement, security, and private military organisations.

Why should your organisation consider taking drone training with us? Here are just a few reasons.

High-Quality Training Facilities

Our training facility is unmatched in its versatility and adaptability. Our trainers can structure realistic exercises in urban or rural settings and utilise nearby facilities like major waterways and shopping centres. The facility can work in both day and night settings, including accommodation and messing facilities, intricately blending within the site's fabric.

Developing ISR

Our training courses are based on helping delegates develop the primary roles of Intelligence, Security and Reconnaissance (ISR). As said above, the context of ISR here involves integrating operations and intelligence gathering, and our training provides a deep dive into the hardware’s purpose, impact and implementation for both overt and covert operations.

Various Training Courses Available

We offer a wide range of courses, including basic, advanced, refresher and bespoke options. The basic UAV training course will teach remote pilots the fundamentals of flight theory, safety and preparation, while the advanced UAV training will include tactical flying techniques. For more information on what’s included, refer to the next section below.

We can also provide refresher training to maintain the pilot’s effectiveness, while our bespoke options can be individually tailored to your location, operational risks and tasks. This can be delivered on or off-site.

Our courses involve a blend of classroom-based, theoretical training and practical application.

Best-in-Class Drone Hardware

Our training involves using the Orion X4 series of tactical drones, with many models, such as the AIM 2 X4 NANO UAS, which offers unrivalled hardware and software capabilities for authentic, immersive learning.

From our experience, the Orion X4 series provides flexible and user-friendly controls and simulations on both the GCS and VAS software, with helmet-mounted displays and live-streaming UxV video and AR overlays available on request.

For clarity, while the Orion X4 series is our preference, we can adapt your training syllabus to your preferred UAS.

What Will Be Covered in Drone Training Courses?

To set your expectations, below is a list of what you can expect to learn in UAV training programs with Advanced Tactical Resources.

  • National legislation
  • Aerodynamics
  • Flight theory and safety
  • Movement in different weather conditions
  • Aircraft preparation and maintenance
  • ISR principles
  • Overt and covert flying techniques
  • Situational awareness

For a complete syllabus, please get in touch directly, and we will send one across to you.

Scenario-Driven Training Solutions

To enquire about our next available course dates, please fill in our contact form, and one of our team will be happy to assist.