The People

Executive Leadership

Damion Morphy QCB - CEO

Damion is co founder of ATR and has over 25 years knowledge of global security operations, providing insight and foresight into technical covert security practices. He is passionate about technology and progressing capability; with a keen eye on the latest innovative technological advancements that can be integrated with other solutions.

LinkedIn profile for Damion is [here].

John Phillips - COO

John is co founder of ATR has a vast amount of experience in training, developing and leading individuals globally. His wealth of knowledge has provided intuitive solutions to dynamic and often diverse problems. A listener and motivator with a passion for balanced and creative planning with observable outcomes.

LinkedIn profile for John is [here].

Corporate Management

Beccy Pope – Finance and Administration Manager

Beccy has an excellent understanding of finance and administration, providing ATR with timely and efficient information enabling projects and orders to be pushed through on time and within budget. 

LinkedIn profile for Beccy is [here].

Lyndon Jones - Operations Manager

Lyndon has 28 years’ security experience. He is a natural operational Team Leader and accustomed to operating in high risk areas globally. His flexible and professional approach to all security matters enables successful delivery. Lyndon is an experienced planner, excellent motivator, seasoned coach and mentor for physical protective measures, specialising in Close Quarter Protection (CQP).

LinkedIn profile for Lyndon is [here].