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Security Awareness Fragile Environments (SAFE) training is a specialised program designed to prepare individuals for working in high-risk, fragile environments. These environments include areas that are affected by conflict, political instability, natural disasters, or other factors that can increase the risks to personal safety and security.

The training program is intended to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to identify potential security threats and to respond appropriately. The program covers a wide range of topics, including situational awareness, risk assessment, emergency response, and self-defense techniques.

Participants in the SAFE training program learn how to identify potential threats and how to respond to them effectively. This includes learning how to communicate effectively in high-stress situations, how to develop and implement security protocols, and how to manage and mitigate risk.

The training is delivered through a combination of classroom lectures, hands-on exercises, and scenario simulations to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of security risks and how to respond to them.

ATR's Approach

Security Awareness Fragile Environments (SAFE) training is designed to remind and educate individuals who operate in unstable or conflict-affected areas on how to maintain their safety and security in such environments. This training is typically aimed at personnel working in humanitarian organizations, aid agencies, or security forces who may be deployed to regions affected by conflict, natural disasters, or other crisis situations.

Why is Situational Awareness Important?

Situational awareness is a vital factor in survival and safety that we must adopt every single day. No matter where we are, or how familiar our environment is, we are always vulnerable, and we may not be acutely aware of potential dangers that exist. Here at ATR, we will teach you the mechanisms and tools that give you heightened situational awareness in everyday matters as well as potentially hostile environments.

Ultimately, our goal is to help keep people and organisations safe. Our awareness training can be tailored specifically to your requirements, and we’ll structure it in ways to make you feel safer in everyday situations. Through the training, we will teach you avoidance, meaning that hopefully you’ll have the ability to evaluate and avoid a potential danger before confrontation. If you find yourself in danger where you might have mis-read the signs, we will give you the knowledge and techniques of how to escape.


Please understand, the course isn’t designed to teach you how to fight, we will teach you how to break free and get to safety as quickly as possible.

Based in Pangbourne, Reading, for best results, our on-site training program is delivered around creating realistic scenarios that allow the trainee to practice in a controlled simulated environment. Using these training techniques and methods, we believe our course will build the necessary resilience and confidence to enable you to de-escalate and steer situations in the right and safer direction.

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