• Bespoke Design - Capability Specific Load Carry Systems - Fit for Task
  • Wi-Fi - Mesh Radio System - MIMO Technology
  • Rapid, Automated, Digital Imaging
  • CCTV for all environments

INNOVATE - Covert Surveillance Products


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ATR provides equipment that creates value enhancing covert operations, saving time and reducing organisational training burden. 

Audio Capability

Full range of Audio systems that are standalone or can integrate into existing systems.

Communications Security

From encrypted Communication handsets to GSM relays allowing secure passage of information depending on your needs.

Bearer systems

Range of MIMO IP radio equipment, ease of set-up, own self healing mesh network and passage of secure product.

Tracking equipment

Range of beacons and solutions to deliver accurate and timely positional information, from people to jewellry.

Digital Media Acquisition

A suite of tools and equipment that allows rapid data collection from multiple sources and subsequent processing of digital data into a viewable format.


full range of optical equipment that will enhance capability - The range covers high-end long range lens, thermal and night vision lenses, including ITAR (regulated equipment).


Range covers SLR, point & shoot and video cameras, all of the range encompasses the latest technology backed with reliability and ease of use within the operational environment. The range also covers Low light and IR cameras and specialist Android camera software to ensure operational success at all times.

Equipment carriage

Bespoke designed systems for the carriage of equipment to an area of interest, ensuring equipment survivability and smooth working processes allowing a simpler operational success in either the covert and overt use.

RF Bags

Bespoke RF shields, bags, stuff sacks and exploit collapsible cage for anywhere signal inhibition.

Mobile / Cellphone Forensics

Cellebrite World Leading Technology for Covert Operators.

Power  Systems

M1 Battery Replacement - the intelligent battery is here, cost effective rechargeable power sources - power management via SMS. 

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