Stream Caster 4200

In 2011, Silvus introduced the world’s first tactical MIMO radios – and we’re still pushing the industry forward today. Our background in DARPA-funded R&D resulted in innovative new technology that continues to advance the video and data communications capabilities for high-stakes industries like military, law enforcement, and broadcast.
The 4000-series of StreamCaster radios represents the 4th generation of continual improvement in size, weight, power, efficiency, cost, and capability.
New in 2019, Silvus announced new Enhanced models with a host of new features:
User-customizable multiposition switch for loading presets and zeroizing crypto
Improved connectors and tie-down points for weather caps
RoIP tethering and dual PTT
IP68 enclosure (submersible to 20 meters)
Smart battery % monitoring (for SC4200E)
FIPS140-2 Level 2 encryption
MANET Interference Avoidance (MAN-IA)
Portability meets performance.

SC4200E is a 2×2 MIMO radio, delivering best-in-class performance and efficiency in a miniature package. It is ideal for use in portable and embedded applications where size, weight, power or cost are key.
Up to 4 Watts of output power (up to 8W effective performance thanks to TX Beamforming)
Available in 3 form factors to suit a variety of applications:
Rugged “brick” (externally powered)
Rugged handheld (w/ twist-lock battery connector)
Non-rugged OEM (for embedding in custom products and sub-systems)
Price on request

Product Specification: PDF icon Download StreamCaster 4200 Datasheet (2).pdf (2 MB)
Available on request. Please contact for more details.