FPSK 3-1


Fire protection safety kit

  • Emergency escape tool to shatter auto glass and cut through seat belts due to the toughened hammerhead points with protected blade.
  • Fire blanket is a safety device made from special woven fabric that is fire retardant and is designed to help extinguish small starting fires.
  • Fire extinguishing Suitable for extinguishing small wood, paper, textile and cooking oil & fat fires. Easy to use – simply remove the cap and spray at base of fire. Multi-directional and can be used in tight and awkward situations . Small and powerful.  Safe and environmentally friendly. non compressed and propellant free allowing you to take it onboard an aircraft .

This very handy 3 in 1 fire protection kit is easy to use in the unfortunate event of a fire. The FPSK is easy to transport so you can always have it to hand, and it comes with all the fire protection items you require in one cost effective bundle. It is ideal for Cars, Minibuses, Taxis, Vans, Trucks, Lorries, ADR Vehicles, Caravans, Small Boats and much more. Our packs are designed to offer you a complete fire safety solution.