Angled pinhole lens HD-SDI Cam NTSC

The Claresys Angled Pinhole (AP) Lens allows surveillance operatives to observe an area of interest centred 45 degrees off axis to a pinhole cut through a ceiling or wall. This lens simply installs at right angles to the surface and provides a 30 degree field of view (FoV) which is directed by simply rotating the lens during installation. The lens stands back up to 2mm from the small 1mm pinhole, reducing the risk of detection.

HD-SDI Cam NTSC 41041090
Detailed Specification
Effective Focal Length 7.5mm
FoV (degrees) 30º
f/# (with pinhole size) | 1mm 11
Length (mm) 75mm
Viewing Angle (degrees) 45º
Stand back from pinhole 2mm