Enhancing resilience and experience through training

ATR is a world leading provider of close protection training, Hostile environment training, close quarter training and human investigation management.

We provide a variety of specialist training experiences, which develop, upskill and enhance individuals in the public and private sectors. All of our bespoke packages are delivered by an experienced team of motivated instructors providing high-quality tuition at our secluded training facilities.

Our courses encompass blended learning methods providing the skills required for increasing success, with a focus on delivering intelligent, practical, theoretical and scenario based programmes.

Regardless of your employee / colleague background we strive to ensure you recieve a personal approach leaving individuals motivated, prepared and functioning towards improvement and peak performance.

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Key Services

Close Quarter Protection

The unknown or unrecognised danger when situational awareness fails or you are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Development of self defensive measures is paramount in extremist circumstance, close quarter protection (CQP), provides a simple but effective approach to self defence, a system used for physical conflict situations. Techniques that are simple and allow maximum efficiency regardless of size and gender, giving the indiviudal space and time to escape from the situation. This is not learning to fight it is learning to survive.

Situational Awareness

Master techniques for enhancing vigilance, Identify potential physical danger risks as early as possible to act, react or extract from the situation.

Behaviour,Profile and Situational Awareness

Hostile (HEAT) and Self Awareness

When situational awareness has failed, your employees / colleagues or team  can be left in defensive and potentially life-threatening situations. Ensure you are prepared with awareness regardless of whether hostile or benign environment and situation. A variety of blended bespoke methods of knowledge are utilised to enhance the experience and promote a life skill that can be used in any situation. 

First Aid Training

ATR Ltd deliver medical and first aid courses ranging from First Person On Scene to First Aid at work.  Our trainers are former military and first responders with hands on experience dealing with emergencies on a daily basis. We can deliver from our centre of excellence near Reading or we can travel to you.   

Our first aid training is extremely realistic and will ensure you will know what to do in an emergency.

The medical course list:

  •  5 day First Person On Scene (FPOS) Level 4.
  • 3 day First Aid at Work Level 3
  • 1 day Emergency First Aid at Work Level 3
  • 2 day Paediatric First Aid Level 3
  • 1 day Paediatric Emergency First Aid Level 3
  • 1 day Trauma awareness course
  • 1 day Road Traffic Collison (RTC) course
  • 1 day RTC, TRAUMA, MEDICAL EMERGENCY scenarios


Close Protection Training

The ATR Pearson approved BTEC Level 3 course in Close Protection provides a comprehensive package of skills, delivered in a diverse range of environments and in a number of fast moving, challenging and realistic scenarios.

You will learn a wide range of skills including threat assessments, surveillance, team work, conflict management, vehicle techniques, IED awareness, communications and kidnap for ransom situation training

There is also added Close Quarter Protection unarmed methods utilised for protection. 

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