Providing direct consultative measures and services mitigating risks and threats

ATR is a world leading provider of Close Protection Officers and Bodyguards and members of the British Bodyguard association and former Police Officers. ATR is also a provider of Private investigation services including forensic accounting and surveillance by former highly commended Police Officers. 

We live in a complex world where new threats can arise unexpectedly. These threats are varied and constantly evolving, thus creating the fundamental requirement for reliable and useable information and advice for business and individuals to use in order to achieve successful outcomes.

ATR calls upon years of experience and the facilitative support of our global network both to develop sound measures and methods to fulfil security, safety or life gaps and counter anticipated challenges.

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Key Services

Private House and Corporate Protection Consultancy

Safeguarding you, your loved ones or organisations from potential threats internally and externally.

Corporate Negotiation Awareness Development

Empower your personnel with our bespoke awareness development packages. Learn to better identify with self and increasing recognition of recognising opportunities through the development of individual vigilance and question techniques.

Technical Covert Expertise

Develop the covert surveillance capability of your personnel and cultivate operational success. Learn basic and specialist techniques, enabling you to identify risk and gather intelligence safely and securely.

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