How Can I Become a Close Protection Operative?

How Can I Become a Close Protection Operative?

November 13, 2020

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Working in close protection can be incredibly rewarding, both personally and professionally. If you have been exploring options of working as a close protection officer/operative (CPO for short), you may have familiarised yourself with the requirements and expectations. The field of close protection, much like working in security, surveillance and being deployed abroad to potentially hostile environments, is not without risk.

Close protection jobs require special skills from highly-trained people, who can demonstrate they can handle these responsibilities and understand all possible physical risks associated with such a job. To help you understand what can be expected of you, we have provided a short guide to how to get into close protection.

Close Protection Courses from ATR

If you are intent on obtaining an SIA close protection licence, then look no further than ATR. We are training providers with consolidated experience in law enforcement, military and UKSF who are accredited by the SIA to conduct close protection training courses.

Our SIA close protection courses can be structured to meet delegates’ respective experience levels, and our scenario-based training will prove valuable for your time in the field.

As said earlier, if you require first aid training as part of your SIA licence requirements, we can provide that too. 

Take a look at our other upcoming courses, or alternatively, get in touch with us to find out the next available course date.

guardian travel - Security Awareness Fragile Environments

£990 + VAT

guardian travel - Hostile Environment Awareness Training

£330 + VAT

Not only will delegates learn about how to mitigate risks before and during their travels, but they’ll learn how to respond effectively in the event of an emergency, as well as anticipating various scenarios.

It also pays dividends to learn basic self-defence training and first aid training, all of which we offer here at ATR. We can structure bespoke training courses to meet your requirements.

To find out more, please enquire here.

While our course directors will work diligently to ensure you are physically and mentally prepared, we will use a variety of scenario-based training exercises to help you assess your situational awareness. This is what we incorporate into all courses, whether it’s first aid training, travel safety and awareness or lone worker training.

Close Protection Courses

To find out more about our upcoming SIA Close Protection courses, get in touch with us directly.

ATR are not just specialist training and service providers, but for organisations that require authorised close protection equipment, we have products available via our shop.