The Site

The 600 acre site encompasses many elements for rural and urban training evolutions and allows for flexible training packages to suit clients needs.

The private estate benefits from being owned by ATR and is set in a secluded area with cover from view from the public. The facility has fenced woods, rolling meadows, secondary roads, an area of the River Thames and in places hilly terrain.

About The facility

The secluded facility enables discreet training evolutions.

Located near Reading with excellent transport links into London (45 minutes from Heathrow International Airport).

⦁   Evasive driving instruction area.

⦁   Executive lecture hall.

⦁   20 person primary classroom with presentation facilities and closed wi-fi network including fully networked student computers.

⦁   6-8 person secondary classroom, with presentation facilities.

⦁   Technical workshop with mechanical tools.

⦁   Dedicated camouflage and concealment workshop.

⦁   Dojo including protective equipment and pads.

⦁   Unique rural training classroom set in 2 hectares of woodland.

⦁   Open planning and scenario area.

 Training Area on B site (coming late 2017)

⦁   New build barn – 20 x 30 m to include scenario based training bays for covert search and technical installation (Complete late 2017).

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