• Enhancing Specialist Capability
  • Global Covert Security Consultancy
  • Asset protection and tracking
  • Covert Surveillance Measures
  • Discreet information and intelligence gathering

Consultancy Integrate


Unique expertise, ATR provides customers & clients with realistic and honest solutions to fill security gaps within a complex evolving global environment, taking into account levels of capability, resources, time and importantly people. 

Consultancy disciplines

•  High net worth asset protection - Tracking and Surveillance.

•  Corporate security awareness development - Self and Hostile awareness.

•  Emotional wellbeing - Mental robustness for security operations.

•  Covert technical operations for your security and protection.

Asset Protection - Close Protection

ATR consultancy provides leading operatives who are experienced and discreet in providing security and protection.

Corporate secuirty awareness development

Bespoke self and hostile awareness packages that empower individuals who can identify hostility by developing self.

ATR have developed 'technical covert expertise'

We will educate and develop you to enhance operational success whilst you provide strategic perfection to your organisation.

Emotional wellbeing

An area that is often overlooked is the wellbeing of individuals and their capacity to endure; long hours, being motivated or operational stress. ATR provide advice and development within this field of physical, mental and emotional development.